How to Install Carpet Style Hull Liner to Navigation Storage Area

Item # X-HT-200576

Headliner or hull liner carpeting is usually installed in the main cabin area on a boat. However, you should consider installing headliner material in other cabin areas as well. Installing headliner or hull liner in smaller storage areas in a boat’s cabin creates a clean, uniform look in your boat interior. In our how-to video, we’re installing headliner carpet style hull liner in the navigation station on an Islander 37 sailboat. Join us and learn how to replicate this look in your own boat cabin.

Before you install the carpet style headliner material, it’s a good idea to remove any loose paint from the fiberglass surface so the new carpeting will adhere well. We’re using a wheel wire brush drill attachment to remove our excess paint and debris. Once you’ve vacuumed and cleaned up the paint flakes, use an adhesive remover on the fiberglass. We’re using 3M™ Specialty Adhesive Remover just to make sure we have a clean surface free of any residue or remaining adhesive. Make sure you apply adhesive remover with a clean, dry cloth in a well-ventilated area. Once the adhesive remover is dry, you can proceed to the next step.

You should measure the surface area and cut your headliner material to size. Before adhering it permanently to the fiberglass wall, make sure it fits well by doing a “test fit.” It’s OK if the headliner is a little bigger than your area because you can trim it after it has been adhered and dried. To adhere the headliner material to our surface area we’re using 3M™ General Trim Adhesive. Do not be skimpy with this adhesive spray. Spray in vertical and horizontal directions. Then spray the back side of the headliner in the same way.

Now adhere your headliner to the fiberglass. After spraying both surfaces, the application time before the adhesive dries is about 10-15 minutes. If the spray adhesive dries before you’ve finished adhering the headliner material to the fiberglass, you can spray the surfaces again and continue. Make sure to smooth out any wrinkles you see for a pleasing and professional look. Once the spray adhesive is dry, you can trim away any excess headliner with a very sharp pair of scissors.

And you’re done! Let us know how your project turned out. Post photos in the comments section below or on social media using #Sailrite. Thanks for watching!