Choosing an Upholstery Staple Gun

Item # X-HT-300373

Perfect for professionals and casual DIYers alike, the Sailrite Upholstery Staple Guns are available in both long and short nose models. The short nose is the industry standard when it comes to most upholstery projects while the long nose model makes it easier to staple hard-to-reach places. These staple guns are pneumatic (air-powered) so all you’ll need is an air compressor. A shock-absorbing, ergonomic handle makes the gun easy to hold while you work and drop-in reloading allows for easier staple insertion.

These staple guns shoot 1/2-inch crown staples, as opposed to the standard 3/8-inch, making them better suited for delicate faux leather or vinyl fabrics. They won’t drive the staples in so deep that they damage wood and fabric, a common problem with most staple guns. The driving mechanism of our upholstery staple guns extends just far enough to set the staple without the crown penetrating the material. It is just enough force to secure your assembly without splintering wood or ripping or tearing your fabric. This is a fairly significant detail that can mean the difference between a great staple gun and a mediocre one.

Choosing an Upholstery Staple Gun 3Other staple guns drive the staples in too deep, but not the Sailrite Upholstery Staple Gun! The photo on the left shows competitors staples tearing fabric (left) vs our 1/2-inch crown staples (right). The photo on the right shows our staples in wood (left) vs competitors damaging the wood (right).

A feature to be mindful of while searching for an upholstery staple gun is the help and support that comes along with it. Are any instructions provided? Does it have a number you can call if you have questions? Does it have a warranty? You don’t want to be left to fend for yourself if you have any questions or concerns, and that’s where Sailrite comes in. We provide detailed instructions with every upholstery staple gun, a one-year limited warranty, and you can call or email us at any time with questions. We also provide valuable information on the types of staples that are compatible, and we have an informative blog on choosing between galvanized and stainless steel staples (#300226XHT).

Price is another important consideration as upholstery guns can vary greatly in cost. Many upholstery staple guns retail at over $100 — but not ours! Due to our strong manufacturer relationship, we are able to maintain a high-quality product while passing on a great value to our customers. Plus Sailrite is your one-stop shop for everything you’ll need to complete your project including staples, upholstery fabric, foam and many other necessities. You can have everything you need to create incredible upholstery projects delivered right to your door!

Not only do we have great products, but we also have resources available to help you on your next project! We offer free how-to videos available on our website, our YouTube channel and on the product pages themselves (#121411 and #121410) showing the Sailrite Upholstery Staple Gun in action on various projects so you can get a feel for the operation of the tool. We’ve used these staple guns to successfully re-cover golf cart seats (#300216XHT) and backrests (#300217XHT) and make vinyl boat cushions (#300364XHT). But the upholstery possibilities are endless with this top-notch product!