Sailrite® Twist-Lock Eyelet Hole Cutter
SKU: 108001

476 Available  - More Coming 4/21/2023


Use the Sailrite® Twist-Lock Eyelet Hole Cutter to easily install Twist Lock eyelets. This hole cutter cuts an oval center hole and four small slits for the eyelet prongs in one step, making it easy to use and a real time-saver! There is a set screw for each of the four prongs. If a prong should break or become damaged, it's very easy to replace it using a hex wrench and needle-nose pliers. Four replacement cutting appendages are included with the tool. The tool is designed with two holes located on either side of the tool for the cut fabric to exit. These holes also help to align the tool consistently on your fabric.

Note: This hole cutter was designed for use with a resilient rubber cutting block and mallet. Improper use against too hard of a surface will possibly break one of the cutting appendages of the tool.


Sale Unit: EA
Brand: Sailrite
Warranty: 90 Days



A. 0.342”
B. 4.472”


A. 0.632”
B. 0.438”
C. 0.817”
D. 1.376”
E. 1.024”


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Demo of Sailrite® Twist‑Lock Eyelet Hole Cutter

Use this tool with a mallet to cut the holes for Twist-Lock eyelets.

Understanding the Sailrite® Twist-Lock Eyelet Hole Cutter


Overall Rating : 4.85 48 Reviews

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John Padgett
Verified Purchase

Excellent tool but bit pricey but worth the price if doing many installations.

Gregory Meyer
Verified Purchase

Great tool for the job.

I think it's a bit pricey, but it works really well. The idea of putting a magazine between the material and the board you are pounding on is a good idea. Also, you don't need to pull the cutter out to see if you are all the way thru the material. Just tip it back and see if you've cut a layer of the magazine yet or not. That will tell you and you don't have to worry about repositioning the cutter exactly again.

Rodney Johnson
Verified Purchase

It works as expected and made an difficult task simple and professional looking.

Brad R
Verified Purchase

Must have tool for Twist Lock install

A little expensive for a non professional but it sure made it easy to complete the project. It's worth it.

michael mitchell
Verified Purchase

works Great

Al Wagner
Verified Purchase

Heavy duty and sharp, makes perfect hole

William Tantlinger
Verified Purchase

Perfect item,,, a must have for to do a perfect job,,, Such a time saver,,,, especially when you’re a do it yourself type of person

Cowella Ann Howland
Verified Purchase

Very useful and makes a better finished project

Norma Jean
Verified Purchase

Perfect tool for the job

Perfect tool for the job. You really need a good dead blow hammer with it though - a regular hammer was loud and took a lot more swings.

Rachelle Zwiener
Verified Purchase

Heavy duty

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