Cordura® 1000D Mil-Spec Black 60" Fabric

SKU: 122030



Cordura® 1000 denier Mil-Spec Black is the industry-leading material when you need guaranteed performance in the most demanding environments. This coated, heavy-duty fabric is constructed using high-tenacity air-jet textured nylon from INVISTA™. After the nylon fibers are woven, they're then coated in both a clear polyurethane (back side) and a durable water-repellent finish (front side) to create a rugged material that is strong, versatile, quick drying and easy to clean. You can distinguish the front of the fabric as it will have a rougher, shine-free finish compared to the sleek shine on the back side.

Cordura is highly resistant to fading, abrasion, rot and mildew. Because of its exceptional abrasion resistance and tear strength, Cordura is a clear choice for heavy-duty applications such as luggage, military gear, outdoor gear, duffle bags, backpacks, briefcases, wallets, protective outerwear, horse blankets and much more! This fabric is tough while still remaining easy to sew.

Because it is solution-dyed, this Cordura will better resist fading from UV rays. It's made in the USA (Berry Compliant) and meets all the requirements for military specifications (DTL-32439A). This fabric is specifically tested for colorfastness, breaking strength, tear strength, water repellency, color and more in order to meet military standards. At 12 ounces per square yard, this product features a heavy coating providing unparalleled durability.

Note: The term denier refers to the fiber thickness of individual threads or filaments used in the creation of textiles and fabrics. Fabrics with a high denier count tend to be thick, sturdy and durable.

Cordura 1000D Mil-Spec Ranger Green 60" Fabric (#122031) shown.