How to Lace an Awning to a Frame with E-Z Lace Supreme

SKU: X-HT-200546



Have you heard about E-Z Lace Supreme? It’s a fantastic product for lacing an awning to a tie bar without having to install grommets in your awning. E-Z Lace Supreme is a thin fabric strip designed with reinforced lacing holes found every few inches along the strip. You can lace your awning to a tie bar quickly and easily using leech line. So if you don’t want to buy expensive grommet die sets, hole cutters and all the supplies needed to install grommets — don’t worry! E-Z Lace Supreme is the answer. Plus, it’s up to 25% stronger than traditional grommets and can be installed during the awning sewing process. In our short video, we’ll introduce you to this clever product and show you how to install it on your awning and then lace it to your awning frame.

E-Z Lace Supreme has 1-inch lacing holes spaced every 3 inches to ensure a tight fit to your awning frame. In our video, we’re adding it to a finished awning, so this is just a how-to for adding the E-Z Lace Supreme to an awning. If you are also interested in sewing your own awning, we have a variety of awning DIY videos for you to explore. Just type “awning” into the search bar on our website and click the “Projects & Tips” tab to view our selection of well-made, informative how-to videos.

In addition to showing you how to sew the E-Z Lace Supreme, we’re also going to be adding a scalloped edge and binding to our awning. You will see that process as well. All the supplies you need to sew your own awning are available right here at Sailrite®. We keep everything in stock and ready to ship so you don’t have to waste any time to start your DIY.

Let us know if you have any questions as you start this project. We’re always happy to help!