EverSoft™ Smooth White 54" Perforated Foam Backed Headliner

SKU: 125224
$41.95 to $566.35



EverSoft™ Perforated Foam Backed Headliner is a vinyl headliner backed with foam for a great-looking, high-end headliner installation. EverSoft Smooth vinyl has a supple feel and no visible grain pattern. It will add a high-quality atmosphere to your boat or RV. The 1/4-inch foam backing is antimicrobial so it won’t mold or mildew. The perforated vinyl allows air to circulate between the layers, eliminating moisture buildup due to temperature changes.

Perfect for renovating any boat interior, this vinyl headliner is easy to sew and install. Foam backed headliners hide imperfections better than vinyl alone, and the foam can be cut away to accommodate protrusions like nuts and bolt heads. You can also use foam backed headliner for certain upholstery projects, such as automotive and RV doors and center consoles. It can also be used for side panels and steering consoles on a powerboat or sailboat.

To install, apply Adhesive to both surfaces. Do not use a water based cement or silicone based spray with this headliner. Cut the headliner slightly oversized and then trim to fit.

Pro Tip: It is not recommended to use masking tape on either surface of this headliner fabric.