Fiebing's Gum Tragacanth 32 oz.
Fiebing's Gum Tragacanth 32 oz.
Fiebing's Gum Tragacanth 32 oz.

Fiebing's Gum Tragacanth 32 oz.

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The professional leatherworker's best-kept secret! Fiebing's Gum Tragacanth is known as the universal leather edge finishing product. Gum Tragacanth delivers a smooth, slick-to-the-touch glossy edge to your bespoke leather goods. After you've painted or dyed your leather edges, burnish with Gum Tragacanth for a professional-looking leather item. This is a must-have product for your leather workshop.


  • Produces high-gloss shine to leather edges.
  • Easy, quick and durable edge slicking.
  • Seals edge paints and dyes for long-lasting results.


1. Shake well prior to use.

2. Apply a thin coating of Gum Tragacanth to the beveled edge of leather with a wool dauber, cloth or damp sponge. Do not spread the product onto the leather surface.

3. With a leather slicker, run the tool back and forth across the edge briskly.

4. As the Gum Tragacanth heats up due to friction caused by rubbing, the treated edge will darken and produce a high-gloss shine.

5. Repeat until desired look is achieved.

Disclaimer: Gum Tragacanth will not work properly if frozen.