Harken® 224 Micro Block Single

SKU: 224100



Harken® Micro Block Single is a compact, low-friction, lightweight block system with a smaller sheave diameter of 7/8" (22 mm). Designed for all control applications on smaller boats where up to 1/4" (6 mm) line is used, this block has a fast trim and releases under both high and low loads. Delrin® ball bearings ride on flat races for ultimate low load performance yet they are capable of working loads of 200 pounds (91 kg). Easy maintenance: just flush with mild soap and fresh water. They are ideal for use on sailboards, smaller dinghies, and lightly loaded control lines on boats of all sizes. Use for traveler controls, cunninghams and outhauls, vangs, barber haulers, flag halyards, lead car return tackles and leech cords.

Item Specs:

  • Number of Sheaves: 2
  • Maximum Line Diameter: 1/4 inch (6mm)
  • Maximum Working Load: 200 pounds (91kg)
  • Breaking Strength: 1,200 pounds (544kg)