How to Install Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl™ Flooring on a Pontoon

Item # X-HT-300168

In the spring of 2017, Sailrite® had the opportunity to collaborate with several other local businesses and donors to refurbish an old pontoon boat for a local summer camp, Camp Whitley. Our tasks included installing new woven vinyl flooring, upholstering the helm console, and making and installing a new bimini frame, top and bimini boot. As we worked for this great cause, we made how-to videos to share with you! Follow along in our Camp Whitley Pontoon Boat Series.

Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl Flooring installed on the floor of the project pontoon

The first step in our pontoon makeover was to install new flooring. One of our local partners, Morsches Builders Mart installed a new marine plywood deck and we chose to install Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl™ flooring. This is a great, modern flooring option for a pontoon refit. The woven top is soft underfoot and antimicrobial, preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Woven vinyl flooring is also UV stable and won’t get waterlogged like carpet. Plus, this material can be cleaned easily with a hose or vacuum, making it perfect for a busy camp atmosphere.

Brian installing the Infinity Woven Vinyl Flooring to the pontoon deck

Infinity vinyl flooring can be installed as a snap-in mat or glued in place. For a pontoon application like this, a glue-down application is best. The process is very straightforward and can easily be accomplished by a DIYer. Infinity Woven Vinyl is 8 feet, 6 inches wide, making it wide enough to cover most pontoon decks without seaming. Using a solvent-free, marine exterior adhesive, like AAT-390 Marine and Exterior Adhesive, the flooring will be affixed to the deck in one continuous sheet.

Watch the video to see the step-by-step instructions for installing your own Infinity Woven Vinyl Flooring to a pontoon deck.

Video Chapters:

  • Prepping Surface – 0:37 min.
  • Applying Glue – 1:35 min.
  • Smoothing & Adhering Flooring – 2:34 min.
  • Trimming & Stapling Edges – 4:53 min.
  • Installing Hardware – 5:56 min.
  • Materials List – 6:46 min.

Materials List:

  • Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl™ Flooring (we used Seagrass Sandstone #120223)
  • AAT-390 Marine & Exterior Adhesive #121096
  • Exterior Spackling Paste
  • Sailrite® 21 Gauge 1/2" (12mm) Staples 10,000/Box (Stainless)- #8012SS
  • 3M™ Adhesive Cleaner 32 oz. #108984

Tools List:

  • Gingher® Scissors #19104 (right-handed)
  • Premium Cutting Block 10" x 10" #103642
  • Sailrite® Short Nose Upholstery Staple Gun #121410 or Long Nose #121411
  • Putty knife
  • Sand paper
  • 1/8” V-Notch trowel
  • Razor blade knife