How to Make Double Welting Cord

Item # X-HT-300133

Give your next upholstery project a classic finishing touch with a custom double welt cord. Double welting, also known as double cording, is one piece of trim that looks like two rows of piping close together. It’s a common finishing element in upholstery and is often used to hide staples and the raw edges of fabric where the fabric meets the chair frame. Learn how to make your own double welting cord with this quick tutorial.

How to Make Double Welt Cord 2

At Sailrite®, we have all the materials to make this project quick and easy. For our tutorial, we’re using the Firm Double Welting Cord, which features two cords already attached. You can also make cording from sewing two rows of traditional piping together, but this pre-attached version makes the process a bit easier.

In the video we also demonstrate how to use a double cording foot on our sewing machine. This specialty foot has two cording tunnels to perfectly accommodate the double cording. Double cording feet are available as add-ons for the Ultrafeed® LS, Leatherwork®, Sailrite 111, Fabricator® and Big-N-Tall sewing machines. You can use a regular foot to sew double cording, but it doesn’t create the channel between the two cords as well, resulting in a less professionally finished product.

Watch this quick video tutorial to see the step-by-step process for sewing double welt cord.

Materials List

  • Firm 5/32" Welting Double Cord (#107034)
  • Double Cording Foot Set for Ultrafeed® LS & Leatherwork® (#120121)
  • Décor and upholstery fabric
  • Coats & Clark™ Dual Duty XP® General Purpose Thread

When your cording is finished, you can glue it in place over the staples on your furniture using a strong-bonding hot glue, like our Hot Melt Acrylic Glue Sticks (#102210).

Have you ever used double welt cord on your upholstery projects? Did you sew it yourself? Share your tips and experiences in the comments!