How to Make a Zippered Pillow Sham

Item # X-HT-200352

Pillow shams add style, color and elegance to your bedroom set. A pillow sham is also a great beginner-friendly sewing project and a great way to practice some basic sewing skills. A pillow sham with a zipper allows you to easily remove the sham when you need to wash it, but it also keeps the pillow securely inside the sham. In this two-part video series, we’ll teach you how to sew your own zippered pillow sham.

In this first video, we walk you through measuring, patterning and cutting the fabric for your pillow sham. We’re making our sham with two different colors of fabric for a coordinating frame around the body of the pillow. This is a great way to bring more colors to your bedroom décor and add some interest to your bedroom set. To know how to cut your pillow panels, you first have to measure your pillow. Once you have those dimensions, add 2 or 3 inches for a loose-fitting pillow sham. Watch the video to learn how to cut, measure and sew the sham, including how to miter your fabric corners.

In this next video, you’ll continue learning how to sew your pillow sham. From here, we pick up with sewing the contrasting-color pillow frame to the body panels. Once the pillow is sewn, then you’ll add the continuous zippers to once side of the sham. At Sailrite®, we offer YKK® Continuous Zippers, the highest quality zippers available. If you’ve never sewn a zipper, our video tutorial shows the whole process so there’s no guesswork on your part.

Once the zipper is installed there’s just a bit of additional sewing to do and then you’re done! Now you’ve got a great-looking pillow sham to dress up your bedroom set. We hope you enjoyed this pillow DIY. And if you enjoyed sewing a pillow sham, be sure to check out all our other pillow how-tos. We’ve got all kinds of pillow and cushion tutorials just waiting for you. Type “pillow” into the search engine to get started.

Top brand fabrics for pillow shams and covers are: Braemore, Brisa®, Dena™ Home, P/K Lifestyles®, P/Kaufmann, Softline, Sunbrella®, Tommy Bahama®, Ultraleather®, Ultrasuede® and Waverly®.

Materials List

  • Home Decor Fabric
  • V-46 or V-69 Thread
  • #5 Zipper Slider (single pull)
  • #5 Continuous Zipper
  • Ruler, Marking Pencil

Tools List

  • Sewing Machine
  • Sailrite® Edge Hotknife
  • Scissors