How to Restitch Damaged Sail Seams

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It’s not uncommon for the stitching on your sail to fail at some point. Damage from UV rays, stress and abrasion can all break stitches. It’s a good idea to check your sails at the end of the sailing season and inspect your sails for broken stitches. Lay your sail on a large flat surface and check the material carefully. If you have broken stitches, our how-to video will show you how to restitch a damaged sail. Let’s get started.

Do not rip out the old, broken stitches. It is often better to leave the old stitches in the sail. Just sew directly on top of them with your new stitches so you maintain the shape and design of the sail. Do try to stay over the old stitches as much as possible, but matching up the needle holes will be nearly impossible and a waste of time.

Locate the section of ripped stitches, and sew about a foot below and above this section. Remember to reverse sew at the beginning and end of your new stitching to lock the stitches in place. The supplies and tools needed for this repair are very simple: thread, scissors or thread nips, and a zigzag stitch sewing machine. That’s it!

While you’re inspecting your sails for broken stitches, you should check for any other issues that need fixed. Are there holes that need patched? Does your sail window need replaced? Does the corner ring need reinstalled? Be sure to explore our entire “Sail Repair” video series for how-tos on all your sail repairs.

If you have questions or need more assistance, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We’re always happy to help!