Install A Corner Ring In A Sail Using Webbing Video

Item # X-HT-102890

Install a Corner Ring In a Sail Using Webbing – Online Streaming Video shows how to install a ring in a sail corner with straps of webbing. In this video the corner is also dressed with a leather chafe guard.

Install a Corner Ring in a Sail Using Webbing Video Includes:

Part I (8:28 minutes)

  • Gluing Dacron Patches
  • Installing Ring with Webbing
  • Sewing Webbing to Patch Assembly
  • Cutting Leather to Size
  • Using Spray Adhesive to Glue Top Patch
  • Gluing Ring Assembly to Sail
  • Sewing Ring Assembly to Sail

Part II (12:05 minutes)

  • Hand Stitching Leather with a Penetrating Straight Stitch
  • Closing the Leather Patch along the edges with a Baseball Stitch