How to Install a Corner Ring in a Sail Using Webbing

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Installing a corner ring in a sail is a very common DIY for sailors. Our two-part video tutorial will show you how to install a ring in a corner patch assembly on a sail using webbing. Our detailed, step-by-step videos walk you through the entire process without skipping over any information. Let's get started.

In our example sail, we have five layers of a patch assembly, but your sail may have more or fewer layers depending on its size. The first four layers will be basted and glued together using 3M™ Super 77 Spray Adhesive. The fifth layer will be basted and glued after the webbing and corner ring are sewn in place. The patch assemblies are assembled in order from smallest to largest, with the largest one being the fifth and final piece.

Basting tape is very useful in keeping the webbing straps basted to the patch assembly before the webbing is sewn in place. We use basting tape for almost all of our project tutorials, and we highly recommend that you keep it on hand for your DIY projects.

You'll notice that we offset the two webbing straps when we baste the to the patch assembly. That's because most home sewing machines can't handle two layers of webbing plus the Dacron® sailcloth layers. If you own a Sailrite sewing machine, such as the Ultrafeed® LSZ-1 or Professional, your machine would be able to handle that material thickness. But for home sewing machines we recommend offsetting the webbing straps.

In the first video, we show you how to cut the Dacron layers and assemble them with the webbing and corner ring. We then sew rows of zigzag stitches to secure the webbing in place. The last patch assembly uses sailmaker's leather instead of Dacron. We'll show you how to cut out the leather and glue it to the four-layer Dacron patch. We finish the assembly by hand sewing the leather patch to the sail corner.

In the second video, we show you a different technique of how to hand sew the leather patch in place using a hand sewing needle, waxed twine and a sailmaker's palm. The leather corner patch makes the sail corner more durable and also dresses it up for a nice-looking sail corner.

For even more marine DIYs, check out Sailrite's inventory of how-to projects and sewing tutorials. We have videos on sail repair, how to sew a sail, how to add a window to your sail and more. Need a sail bag, winch cover, or a new bimini or dodger for your boat? We offer DIY kits with full video instructions on how to sew your own boat canvaswork. Explore everything Sailrite has to offer and turn your boat into the floating paradise you've always wanted!

  • Gluing Dacron Patches
  • Installing Ring with Webbing
  • Sewing Webbing to Patch Assembly
  • Cutting Leather to Size
  • Using Spray Adhesive to Glue Top Patch
  • Gluing Ring Assembly to Sail
  • Sewing Ring Assembly to Sail
  • Hand Stitching Leather with a Penetrating Straight Stitch
  • Closing the Leather Patch along the edges with a Baseball Stitch
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