Precision Cutting Blade & Foot for Hotknives

SKU: 125495



Cut and seal curves, circles and angles with incredible ease and accuracy with this precision cutting blade. With the included cutting foot, you do not need a cutting glass to protect your work surface. The domed top moves across fabric beautifully without getting caught. This specialty blade is recommended for cutting synthetic fabric only; it does not work well with webbing or rope.

You can also use this cutting blade in place of a seam ripper to cut out a zipper plaque in a cushion plate. You can cut and seal the fabric edges at the same time, saving you time and producing a more professional-looking project. When cutting out a zipper plaque, you must have the foot installed so you don't melt the zipper teeth.

This specialty cutting blade is a must-have upgrade for your hotknife. It's compatible with all the hotknife models sold at Sailrite®. This includes the Sailrite® Edge Hotknife, the Sailrite® Edge Cordless Hotknife 18V and the Engel Hotknife.