Gingher® Bent Scissors are great for cutting heavyweight industrial upholstery, drapery fabric, leather, Dacron®, rubber and other heavy-duty materials. These scissors feature thick, hand-tuned knife-edge blades that will cut with precision all the way to the tip. A double-plated chrome-over-nickel blade finish is both striking and durable. The extra-large bent handle design allows for easier cutting on a tabletop or counter for smooth, comfortable, mistake-free cutting. Gingher is recognized as the premier line of cutting implements in sewing, crafting and needlework.

Recommended only for cutting heavier weight fabrics. The knife-edge can be re-sharpened with the Sharpening Stone (sold separately).

Use & Care: Occasionally placing one drop of oil in the pivot area will facilitate a smooth cutting action. The inside surfaces of the blades should be wiped frequently with a dry cloth to remove accumulated lint.


  • 100% Nickel-Plated Chrome Finish
  • Cuts All the Way to the Point
  • Extra-Large Angled Handle
  • Extra Durable
  • Use for Cutting Tough Fabrics
  • Made in Italy
  • Lifetime Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


Sale Unit: EA
Brand: Gingher
Overall Length: 10 inches
Cutting Blade Length: 5 inches
Hand: Right


Overall Rating : 5 8 Reviews

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Mary OConnor
Verified Purchase

Wow! These are really SHARP. Good quality and workmanship. They make cutting everything effortless.

Anna Vietti
Verified Purchase

Great pair of scissors.

Nathan Demers
Verified Purchase

These are some serious scissors. I bought them to cut heavy sail material, boat blanket and leather. They cut like a hot knife through butter. Hahaha. But really, good clean cuts even on light materials. I’m glad I bought them.

Sandra Hartranft
Verified Purchase

They are Large and Heavy duty, great quality. Work wonderfully even for my small hands.. Came fast and packaged well. No issues whatsoever.

Mark Carte
Verified Purchase

Precision Cutting Tool

Theses scissors are truly tools of true craftsmanship. Must use these scissors with safety in mind for they are extremely sharp. Makes cutting any fabric a breeze specially on long straight cuts.

Patti Clark
Verified Purchase


Daphne Ely
Verified Purchase

Let's cut through the chase and get to the point

The scissors are a gift, but I couldn't resist "trying" them..just to make sure the worked" (good excuse). They are just the perfect weight, obviously are well made - they just look like the "best of the rest." Cutting was precise, smooth, and love the way they can be used to the very end for a quick "snip". I really want to keep them but I will treat myself after the holidays I guess. REALLY NICE SCISSORS ! 5 stars for sure.

Gesa Wisch

Cadillac of Scissors

These scissors are the Cadillac of scissors have never used a weightier, sharper more effortless cutting tool!

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