Sailmaker's Library 5 Book Set
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Sailmaker’s Library 5 Book Set by Jim Grant

Each book in this five-book set offers a thorough explanation of the art of sail construction. Each volume gives full consideration to the creation of proper shape for given conditions, helmsman capabilities and boat attributes. Each discussion of construction technique is followed by step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations. Broad seaming, luff round, foot and leech roaches, boltroping, and headboard and batten installation are all covered in this set. Mathematics for Sailmakers booklet also included.

Cover: Softcover
Pages: 407
Original Publication Date: 1970

Books included in Sailmaker’s Library:

  • Mainsails: Design & Construction
  • Jibsails: Design & Construction
  • Spinnakers: Design & Construction
  • Stormsails: Design & Construction
  • Staysails: Design & Construction


Brand: Sailrite
Warranty: 90 Days


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Gary Ehrsam
Verified Purchase

I'm looking forward to working with these books.

Robert Russo
Verified Purchase

Reading these books before a sail repair course. They present a lot of information


A great series of how-to manuals

The series is most interesting for those interested in designing and building their own sails from scratch. It provides a very good DIY How To procedure for broadseam construction of each type of most common sail. The series could be re edited as a single book with a chapter for each of the sail types, as each book is essentially complete in itself so the first and last sections repeat between books. A lot of material is repeated in the different books. This would halve the number of pages at least. There are certain errors in some of the books that appear to come from scanning of a previous text but the documents as a whole are comprehensible. I would have liked more pages on traditional mainsail types (lugs, sprit and sprit boom). The mainsail book is biased towards triangular sails with just a couple of pages coverage of gaff and lateen sails. I was slightly disappointed that most of the books have not been updated to reflect standard currently available sailcloth widths. However it is quite simple maths to work out what to do. I was expecting a more elaborate book for the price but each of the manuals is what it is. Considering the amount of repetition I would have expected the collection to be a lot cheaper than the sum of the individual books.

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