Sailrite® Long Scratch Awl

SKU: 125828



A scratch awl is a truly multiuse tool that belongs in every DIYer’s toolbox. This versatile, handheld item acts as a marking and punching tool for sailcloth, canvas and more. It's especially useful for marking coated fabrics (such as waxed canvas) and materials that may not work with traditional marking tools (such as leather).

The Sailrite® Long Scratch Awl has a 3-5/16-inch post ideal for working with very thick fabric or leather assemblies. The cylindrical wooden handle fits perfectly in your palm, making it easy to control the tool and score accurately with the sharp point. The handle is smooth to the touch, providing comfort for extended use. The whole tool measures just over 7 inches from the point to the end of the handle.

NOTE: Do not use this tool to create new holes in leather.

With its sharp, high-quality metal post and sturdy wooden handle, this awl is ideal for:

  • Pre-punching holes for hand sewing (except in leather).
  • Marking spots for future stitch holes and hardware installation.
  • Reopening or enlarging existing stitch holes.
  • Removing loose threads from a seam or hem.
  • Scoring stitch lines, seam allowances, patterns and other measurements into a material.
  • Holding material in place — just punch the awl through the fabric and into a sacrificial surface.
  • Holding the Sailrite® Canvas Patterning Ruler (#107040) in place around a center point.


  • Extra-long post is perfect for working with very thick assemblies.
  • Cylindrical handle sits comfortably in your palm for optimal control.
  • Extremely sharp point scores lines and opens holes with ease.