Sailrite® Patterning Material 78"

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Sailrite® Patterning Material is a clear plastic sheeting material that is used as a patterning material in sewing projects. This HDPE (high density polyethylene) material is heavier and a bit stiffer than Dura-Skrim®, making it ideal for patterning and templating cushions and bags. The thickness also makes it easier to handle and cut. And it does not wrinkle as easily as thinner patterning material. The material’s excellent stability and lay-flat properties also make it useful as a temporary tarp or cover.

Sailrite Patterning Material can be used to pattern marine enclosures, such as dodger, biminis and T-tops, but Sailrite prefers the lighter weight and flexibility of Dura-Skrim Patterning Material (#103134) for those projects.

Use basting tape to temporarily stick the pattern material in place for a tight, wrinkle-free patterning surface to trace. Mark seam and cutting lines directly on the clear plastic. Remove the pattern and transfer it to the actual canvas. This clear material makes patterning very easy!

If using this material to pattern around hard objects like tubing and fiberglass, Sailrite recommends using Filament Strapping Tape, or blue painter’s tape, and then applying basting tape over the top to hold the pattern material in place. Using both will avoid leaving a sticky residue on the attachment surface when it’s time to remove the basting tape.

Please note: Sailrite Patterning Material will ship folded unless a full 55-yard roll is ordered.