Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LSZ-1 PLUS Walking Foot Sewing Machine (110V)
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NOTE: This is a legacy package of the Ultrafeed LSZ that features our previously standard AC motor and foot control, as well as the PLUS accessory bundle. This package is being phased out and will not be available for purchase once we sell out of our current stock. Supplies are very limited — order yours now!

The Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LSZ-1 PLUS Sewing Machine package features our powerful, portable, straight/zigzag stitch walking foot sewing machine loaded up with many of our best accessories. This package is perfect for someone who needs an easily portable, heavy-duty machine, for boat owners looking to sew heavy canvas or sailcloth on their boat, or for a home sewer wanting a machine that can handle the toughest sewing assemblies. The Ultrafeed LSZ-1 Sewing Machine excels in performance and versatility, sewing in both straight and zigzag stitches. Built with the toughest, most dependable parts, the Ultrafeed easily sews through heavy materials like sailcloth, heavy canvas, denim and upholstery fabrics, but it’s also versatile enough to sew through lighter home fabrics with ease. The Ultrafeed LSZ-1 can handle all sails for most 35-foot boats. For larger boats, it will depend on the weight of the sailcloth and the size of the sail. Its sewing capabilities have been proven in up to 10 layers of heavy canvas and eight layers of Dacron sailcloth.

The Ultrafeed LSZ-1 PLUS Package features the Ultrafeed LSZ-1 Sewing Machine (Patent #6499415) in the Ultrafeed® Industrial Carrying Case and all these great accessories:

  • EZ Set™ Stitch Length Plate (installed on machine)
  • Integrated Thread Stand
  • Sailrite® Flex20 LED Light, Bracket & Adapter Kit
  • Elastic Protector Strap

Power Plus® Balance Wheel

The Ultrafeed PLUS Package includes the Sailrite® Power Plus Balance Wheel, which has double the power and is twice the size of a traditional balance wheel for more slow speed power and control. It enables you to sew heavy and thick assemblies at comfortably slow speeds for precise stitching. Powering the machine is a 110V AC motor (6,600 rpm at 1.5 amps) and a cogged belt and pulley drive system. Operate using the fully grounded, variable speed, electronic foot control.

To read more about our oversized balance wheels and how they help power the machine, read our blog, ”Size Matters: The Importance of Balance Wheels.”

Patented Posi-Pin® Safety Shear

This patented sacrificial pin (Patent #7438009) protects your machine from damage. If you sew over something you shouldn’t, the pin will break and your machine will stop operating in order to protect the machine. Pulling the pin out also makes the machine stop working, which is an excellent additional safety feature. As an added perk, it also makes winding bobbins quick and easy.

To learn more about our patented Posi-Pin® Safety Shear, read "Sewing Machine Safety Clutch vs. Posi-Pin Safety Shear."

Straightforward Sewing Made Easy

An extra-wide (19mm) zigzag mechanical walking presser foot works with the feed dog to pull thick layers of fabric through the machine at consistent speeds for symmetrical stitching. The EZ Set™ Stitch Length Plate helps to keep stitch length consistent when switching from forward to reverse. Switching directions is made quick and easy by the spring-loaded stitch length lever. Easily maintain your seam allowances with 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch and 1-inch markings right on the needle plate.

The presser foot features a built-in welting tunnel for sewing piping up to 5/32 inch and a needle positioning lever moves the needle left, right and center so you can sew marine zippers without changing the foot.

Find out more about the EZ Set Stitch Length Plate by reading this informative blog: ”What Is the EZ Set Stitch Length Plate?”

This Ultrafeed package comes with our Flex20 LED Light, Bracket and Adapter Kit. The Flex20 is a small, bendable LED light that provides up to 50,000 hours of bright, concentrated light. The bracket and adapter kit, with an integrated outlet, allow you to plug your Flex20 Light right into the wiring harness of your Ultrafeed so you don't have to find a secondary outlet and extension cord to operate the LED light. The bracket with motor power socket is pre-mounted to the back of the machine. The adapter plugs in between the power socket and the foot control wiring. The adapter's location at the back of the machine also allows for convenient and easy hand-operation of the Monster® II Balance Wheel (not included with PLUS packages).

Conveniently Portable

The Ultrafeed is built to be tough enough to go wherever you go. Move it around your home, or take it in your boat or RV! The heavy-duty Industrial Carrying Case is a durable, reinforced carrying case that protects your machine so you can sew and store it anywhere. Specially designed foam pads inside the lid keep your machine supported, allowing you to store the machine on its side. The Integrated Thread Stand attaches directly to the case’s base and swivels for convenient use and quick storage. Included with the Industrial Carrying Case is our Elastic Protector Strap. This courtesy add-on helps to protect delicate fabrics and clear vinyl from snagging or scratching on the latches of the case. The strap snaps directly onto the case via preinstalled snaps.

To learn about the enhancements and features of the Industrial Carrying Case, read ”Sewing Machine Carrying Case: Protect Your Ultrafeed.”

Sewing Capabilities

The Ultrafeed features a 3/8-inch-high foot lift and a best-in-class needle bar stroke, so you can sew virtually anything you can fit underneath the foot. The Ultrafeed can be easily adjusted to sew lighter weight home décor fabric, too, so it can be your go-to machine for numerous projects. Set the variable stitch length up to 6mm in straight stitch and up to 5mm in zigzag width and you’re ready to go. The Ultrafeed will easily sew through fabrics like:

  • Heavy canvas
  • Sailcloth
  • Upholstery fabrics
  • Denim
  • Vinyl
  • Window material
  • Soft leather
  • Drapery material
  • And more!

Sew With Confidence

Ultrafeed Sewing Machines are all finished and tuned in our Indiana manufacturing facility by trained Sailrite technicians. To help you set up and maintain your sewing machine, each Ultrafeed includes an in-depth guidebook outlining setup and use of your machine, maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as detailed parts schematics. There is also a free online Ultrafeed Setup, Use & Maintenance video to accompany the text.

For even more information regarding our Ultrafeed Sewing Machines, visit our in-depth Ultrafeed blog “Why Choose an Ultrafeed?” To learn about the invention of the Ultrafeed Sewing Machine and how it evolved over time, head to our Ultrafeed History page.

Our Support Guarantee

At Sailrite, we are committed to helping you get the most out of your Ultrafeed Sewing Machine. That’s why we are proud to offer you personalized support for the lifetime of your machine. We’ll be here to help you service your machine with in-depth videos, one-on-one support and Sailrite’s five-year limited warranty (see Warranty PDF below). Should you need them, we have replacement parts in stock and ready to ship out to you and, if all else fails, you can always send your machine back to us for repairs.

Your Ultrafeed® Package Includes:

  • Ultrafeed® Industrial Carrying Case
  • Posi-Pin® Safety Shear — 4 sacrificial pins
  • Elastic Protector Strap
  • Integrated Thread Stand
  • Sailrite® Flex20 LED Light, Bracket & Adapter Kit
  • Power Plus® Balance Wheel
  • EZ Set™ Stitch Length Plate
  • V-92 White Polyester Thread
  • Electronic variable speed foot control
  • Sewing machine oil
  • 4 bobbins
  • 4 - #20 sharp needles
  • Tool Kit
  • Comprehensive guidebook
  • Five-year limited warranty


Sale Unit: EA
Machine Series: Ultrafeed LSZ
Sewing Speed: Max. 500 stitches per minute
Straight Stitch Length: Max. 6mm
Zigzag Stitch Width: Min./Max. 0–5mm
Presser Foot Lift: 3/8"
Feed Type: Walking Foot
Shuttle: Oscillating (Cam/Rocker Arm Driven)
Motor Power: 110V A.C., 1/10th hp, 1.5 amps
Motor RPM: 6,600
Needle Bar Stroke: 34mm
Lubrication: Manual
Underarm Space: 7" x 4.5"
Bed Size: 14.5" x 7"
Carrying Weight: 55 lbs
Bobbin Size: Class 15 / Style A
Compatible Needles: System 135 x 16, System 135 x 17
Needle Size Range: #10–#22
Thread Size Range: Home–V-92
Brand: Sailrite
Thread Take-Up Lever: Link Type
Case Dimensions: 21 3/4" W x 10 5/8" D x 14 5/8" H
Input Voltage: 110V A.C.
Warranty: 5 Years
Ultrafeed Sewing Machines are assembled in the United States with components from the United States, Taiwan and China.


Introducing the Sailrite Ultrafeed® Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Ultrafeed® LSZ-1 Sewing Demo

Sailrite Ultrafeed® LSZ-1 PLUS Walking Foot Sewing Machine


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