This is an easy-to-install, sewable boat cover vent that brings air circulation to your enclosed boat to prevent the buildup of warm, moist air. The Sewable Vent Pole Cap for Boats is molded as a single component from UV stabilized polyurethane which protects against the damaging rays from the sun. It has a large sewing flange surface area which eliminates the need for additional fabric reinforcement. The flexible cap aligns with the load to prevent premature fabric wear.

This boat cover vent will prolong the life of your boat's upholstery by helping to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria that can come from moist, stagnant air under your cover. Use the Sewable Vent Pole Cap for Boats in conjunction with Support Poles (sold separately) to create proper tenting that will shed rain or snow off the top of your cover and prevent pooling.

  • Will Not Crack
  • Single Molded Component
  • Large Sewing Flange Area


Sale Unit: EA
Color: Black
Hardware Material: Plastic, Polyurethane
Overall Height: 1.644 inches
Installation Hole Diameter: 3.5 inches
Compatible Pole Sizes: 3/4" and 7/8"



A. 5.111”
B. 0.914”



Overall Rating : 4.33 6 Reviews

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Tony H
Verified Purchase

Easy to see through, should vent well.

George Sebastian
Verified Purchase

Canvas Cover Vent

My customer liked this style vent so much on a new canvas boat cover that I made for him that he asked me to order another one and install it on an existing boat cover. I do not have enough experience with this product to comment on the durability of the material or the method of stitching this into canvas but appearance is great.


Perfect fit

Really like this vent. The part that you attach a pole to has splines for a perfect fit. Going to order another one for the front of my boat cover.

John Kyle

Easy to install

Vent pole cap was relatively easy to sew in and worked great. Video was clear and easy to follow. Nice product.

Andrew Warner

Perfect Vents

Awesome vents to save your boat from mold.

William Mullan

Does not work - would not repurchase

I bought three of these for my cover. They are very difficult to get installed. Sewing is not easy at all. Might work with some machines, but... In the end they pull out and you end up with a giant funnel that puts water into your boat. Nice concept, but I will be going back to regular vents and a pole support separate. I have been generally very satisfied with the Sailrite products, but this one is a major disappointment.

Sailrite Response

Thanks so much for your input. We agree that sewing in a circle around an object can be a challenge. It is also true that larger sewing machines and those with walking feet will help a lot. As for the vent pulling out, that should not happen if the vent flange is sewn into two or more layers. The challenge of installing these vents is definitely offset by their superior design to others in the marketplace. Might we suggest that you use a Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl to attach these. It would be rather easy to do by hand and the larger waxed twine of the sewing awl would certainly last. The flange is robust enough that it can withstand the larger needle size penetration as well.

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