Sewing Zippers 104: Zipper Plaques for Cushions

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In our fourth video of our Sewing Zippers Video Series, we’ll show you how to install a zipper plaque when sewing cushions. A zipper plaque is basically a zipper sewn on the box seamed edge of a cushion. Adding a zipper plaque to your cushions allows you to insert or remove the cushion foam when you need to clean your cushion cover or replace your foam. This is the most popular method for installing a zipper in a cushion application. Let’s get started.

There are two methods for installing a zipper plaque in a box cushion. The first zipper plaque technique we’ll teach in the video is the standard zipper plaque. With the first zipper method, your zipper plaque can be rotated either way on your cushion. This is the more popular of the two zipper plaque sewing methods used on cushions. It also requires less time and fabric than the second technique.

The second technique is the hemmed zipper plaque, which requires a little extra work. This second technique creates a flap that completely conceals the zipper plaque to keep it protected from the elements. With the second method, however, there will be a distinctive top and bottom side to your cushion due to the flap. You will not be able to flip the cushion or water will be trapped underneath the flap, which will keep your cushion from drying out and potentially lead to the growth of mold or mildew.

Once you’ve watched our how-to video on how to install these useful zipper plaques, be sure to check out our video tutorials on sewing your own cushion. These zipper techniques can be installed on cockpit cushions, indoor upholstery cushions, cushions for your patio and more. Just type "cushion" into the search box and click on "DIY Projects" or "Tips & Tricks." From there, you can explore the dozens of free cushion and pillow tutorials we offer.

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