DOT® Snap Fastener Hard Action Socket (Nickel-Plated Brass)

SKU: 333058
$1.30 to $91.00



DOT® Snap Fastener Hard Action Socket is a top-quality nickel-plated brass socket that is used for cloth-to-cloth and cloth-to-surface applications. A button (sold separately) rivets to the socket. The installed socket and button can then be snapped to a stud. For cloth-to-surface installations, use a stud with an integrated screw and for cloth-to-cloth applications use a stud in conjunction with an eyelet.

This is a hard action socket meaning it requires more force to pull the socket off the stud than with normal action sockets.

DOT® snap fasteners are excellent for covers, cushions, dodgers, biminis and other applications. DOT snap fasteners can be used as a forestay hank for sails under 100 square feet when installed on tabs of fabric or webbing.