SnapRite® Adhesive Backed Foam Rubber Gasket for Snap Studs creates a leak-proof seal. Use these foam rubber gaskets when installing a snap fastener stud with a blind rivet. The gasket seals the base of the stud, making a tight water-resistant bond. Great for marine applications, these gaskets are for use with the SnapRite® Surface Mount Stud Die.

There is no need to punch a hole in the gasket before stud installation. Simply position the Surface Mount Stud Die over the gasket and rivet the stud as normal. The rivet will pierce through the gasket.

For best results use in combination with the sealed end blind rivets.


Sale Unit: PK100
Brand: SnapRite
Outer Diameter: 1/2"
Height: 1/8"


Rivet Leak Test for SnapRite Surface Mount Stud Die

Rivet Leak Test for SnapRite Surface Mount Stud Die Video puts the water tightness of three SnapRite rivets to the test. Learn the differences between the rivets and see how they hold up in a water leak test to determine which will best suit your application. These rivets are for use with the SnapRite Surface Mount Stud Die to install snap studs into hard surfaces.


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Wendy B
Verified Purchase

It’s the little things...

Great little inexpensive product that gives us an additional sense of security (along with using closed blind rivets) that our riveted snap studs are as resistant to moisture infiltration as possible. Used these to install snap studs on the exterior window trim of our Airstream Basecamp front window, to hold a padded fabric window rock guard protector in place for travel. Used them under snap studs as well as two-rivet hole twist-lock connector bases. If you get the centering just right over your pre-drilled hole, the rubber gasket is completely hidden under the snap studs.

Patrick Dinelle
Verified Purchase

perfect for waterproofing my trailer cover fasteners

Steve Hearn

Great gaskets

These dots work very good. A lot cleaner then using clanking to seal the screws

Timothy Martinage
Verified Purchase

haven't used it yet

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