Template for Sailrite® Drill Hole Cutter Set (PDF)

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Hole cutters are fantastic tools for creating clean, professional-looking holes for grommet installation. There's just one issue with hole cutters that this blog looks to address and correct: Hole cutters are solid cylinders of metal. When you set a hole cutter on your fabric, you can no longer see the placement mark you've made. Have you correctly centered your hole cutter over the placement mark? There's no way to tell. We've resolved this issue with a free downloadable hole cutter centering template! Keep reading to find out how this template works and why it will be a lifesaver for your next project.

Template Sailrite Drill Hole Cutter 2

We designed this template to pair with the Sailrite® Drill Hole Cutter Set. Our Drill Hole Cutter Set is a fantastic tool set designed for easy and convenient hole cutting. The seven hole cutters secure to your drill for fast and convenient hole cutting through multiple layers of fabric, webbing and more. Ranging in size from 1/8 inch to 5/8 inch, there's a hole cutter size in this set for all your project needs. The Drill Hole Cutter Set is compatible with any standard drill with a 3/8-inch or larger chuck.

This paper template allows you to perfectly center the template's cutting hole so that you can cut the hole in your fabric right where you need it. This is key if you are adding grommets to a fabric cover and need your holes to perfectly line up with their attachment point on the corresponding surface. Symmetrically aligned holes are also important for adding grommets to curtains, tarps, boat covers, T-tops, awnings or any application where you want the holes evenly spaced.

Once you have all your fabric marked where you want your grommets installed, follow these simple steps for using the hole cutter centering template to get evenly centered and aligned holes:

Template Sailrite Drill Hole Cutter 3
In our example, we're marking our fabric every 4 inches apart for our holes.

  1. Cut out the vertical section of the template that corresponds with the hole cutter size you're using.

Template Sailrite Drill Hole Cutter 4
We're cutting 1/2-inch holes, so we're cutting out the template at the 1/2-inch section.

2. Punch out the hole size on the vertical strip. Use this "paper ruler" to align the template with the fabric edge at your desired distance.

Template Sailrite Drill Hole Cutter 6
We want our holes placed 1 inch from the fabric edge, so we're using the markings on the template ruler to make sure we've correctly aligned the paper ruler.

3. Keep the paper ruler in place and cut your hole, using a cutting block beneath the fabric assembly to protect your work surface. Repeat until you've cut all your desired fabric holes.

Template Sailrite Drill Hole Cutter 7
Use the Sailrite Cutting Block & Die Holder to protect your work surface when drilling.

This template is designed to be disposable. Once you've used it for your current project, you can discard the paper. When you need a new centering template for your next project, print a fresh template and follow the same procedure listed above. Click the button below to download the template and start cutting holes in your fabric with more ease and accuracy than ever before!

Download Template

Template Sailrite Drill Hole Cutter 8
Perfectly centered and aligned holes waiting for grommet installation.

Please Note: When you download and print this template, make sure that your printer is set to print "to scale" at 100%. If you don't print to scale, the hole sizes in the template will not be accurate, meaning the 1/2-inch hole size will be larger or smaller than 1/2 inch.