Upholstery & Home Décor Package for Ultrafeed® LS

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Outfit your Ultrafeed® LS Sewing Machine with everything you need to master upholstery and home décor projects. This curated assortment of sewing accessories was specially selected by the DIY experts at Sailrite®. In this unique package, you’ll find important machine attachments and notions for sewing upholstery and lightweight home décor fabrics. Take your sewing to the next level with these must-have DIY essentials.

Right Zipper Foot

The Right Zipper Foot is very helpful for installing zippers with a straight stitch. The left toe of the presser foot is removed, allowing you to sew extremely close to zipper teeth. The feeding surface of this zipper foot has the same teeth as the Sawtooth Foot that came with your Ultrafeed to help it feed thick and slick applications or walk over thickness transitions. The bulk of your material is inside of the sewing machine’s arm, with the zipper to the left of the foot. Pair it with the Sawtooth Feed Dog that came with your LS.

Double Cording Foot Set

A Double Cording Foot Set is a must-have for upholsterers. This specialty set comes with a center and outside foot that have side-by-side welting channels to accommodate two separate welting cords or prefabricated double welting cord. The center foot’s V profile ensures that the needle will sew between the piping cords without slipping. This foot makes it easy to sew your own decorative edging for home and upholstery projects. Pair it with the Sawtooth Feed Dog that came with your LS.

1/4" Basting Tape

Double-sided adhesive basting tape is the easiest and fastest way to bond material layers together before sewing. Basting prior to sewing prevents feeding problems and provides more accurate, even hems and water-resistant seams. Basting tapes are left permanently in place and are invisible. The 1/4-inch width is ideal for sewing zippers, cushion boxing and piping. In addition to canvas and upholstery materials, this basting tape also works well with most home décor fabrics.

Bobbins & Bobbin Boat™

You can never have too many extra bobbins. Winding extra bobbins with your project thread prior to getting started will minimize interruptions while sewing. This package includes a 10-pack of high-quality metal bobbins, as well as a Bobbin Boat to keep the bobbins together for easy storage in your toolbox or sewing basket.

Assorted Thread Cutting Notions

This package includes an assortment of cutting notions to make trimming threads easy. Keep these notions on hand during projects. You’ll reach for them often to snip threads in tight areas, to remove stitches from your work, and to separate your project from your sewing machine after finishing a seam.

Assorted Sewing Thread & Sewing Machine Needles

This assortment of polyester and nylon thread, as well as sewing machine needles, is more than enough to get you started on your upholstery and home sewing journey. Whether you’re a new DIYer or have been sewing for years, you can never have enough needles and thread in your workroom. Round/Sharp Point needles are your go-to for home and upholstery sewing, and the package includes common thread weights and materials for your projects.

Package Includes:

  • Right Zipper Foot for Ultrafeed® LS
  • Double Cording Foot Set for Ultrafeed® LS
  • 1/4" Basting Tape for Canvas & Upholstery (36 yds.)
  • Bobbins for Ultrafeed® (10 pack)
  • Bobbin Boat™
  • Sewing Machine Thread Cutter
  • Ergonomic Thread Snips II
  • Seam Ripper With Needle Threader
  • Tex 90 White UV Bonded Polyester Thread 4 oz.
  • Tex 90 Black UV Bonded Polyester Thread 4 oz.
  • Tex 70 White Nylon Upholstery Thread (150 yds.)
  • Tex 70 Black Nylon Upholstery Thread (150 yds.)
  • Tex 30 White General Purpose Thread (250 yds.)
  • Tex 30 Black General Purpose Thread (250 yds.)
  • #20 Sewing Machine Needles Round/Sharp Point (10 pack)
  • #18 Sewing Machine Needles Round/Sharp Point (10 pack)
  • #16 Sewing Machine Needles Round/Sharp Point (10 pack)
  • #12 Sewing Machine Needles Round/Sharp Point (10 pack)
  • #10 Sewing Machine Needles Round/Sharp Point (10 pack)
  • Instructions