How to Replace Vinyl Window in a Dodger

Item # X-HT-102621

Is your dodger still in good condition, but the windows need replaced? This is not an uncommon thing to happen with your boat. After a few years, your clear vinyl window material can become discolored, scratched or cracked. Or maybe it experienced some kind of damage that was uncontrollable. Whatever reason, replacing the window in your dodger is a simple DIY that does not require you having to replace the entire dodger. Our how-to video will show you the step-by-step process of removing the existing vinyl window material and replacing it with brand-new vinyl.

Learn how to replace the window in your dodger.

At Sailrite® we carry the best vinyl window material brands in the industry. Choose from Strataglass™, O’Sea®, Regalite® and Crystal Clear for your dodger’s new window. We recommend vinyl window material between 30 gauge and 60 gauge for dodgers. The thicker the material (60 gauge) the more difficult it will be for some sewing machines to punch through. If you’re sewing your dodger windows with the Sailrite® Ultrafeed® Sewing Machine, you never have to worry about skipped stitches, needle deflection or the machine not being able to sew through your materials. The Ultrafeed is known for its ability to sew through anything you can fit under the presser foot!

There are six basic steps involved in removing your existing dodger window and replacing it with new window material. These steps are listed below and they are also covered in detail in the video. Watch the video below and learn how to be a self-reliant sailor by doing your own canvas repairs and sewing!

We hope this video has been helpful and informative. Please let us know if you have any questions as you work on replacing your dodger window. And if you are looking to replace your entire dodger — or maybe sew your own dodger for the first time — we have a fantastic full dodger tutorial. “How to Make a Dodger” (300078XHT) is an incredibly detailed, step-by-step video that will teach you how to cut, sew and assemble you own dodger. We even have Dodger Skin Kits and Dodger Frame Kits with all the materials and supplies — you provide the sewing machine — you need to DIY your own dodger from start to finish.

Vinyl Window Replacement in a Dodger Video Steps:

  • Rip stitches that may cause the window to not lie flat.
  • Cut your new window to fit.
  • Baste the new window to the old.
  • Sewing new window to old.
  • Cut out your old window.
  • Sew panel back together.