How to Make a Patio Chaise Lounge Cushion

Item # X-HT-300663

Ready for a low-cost, quick project with big rewards? In today's DIY video, we're sewing new cushions for a patio chaise lounge chair. Store-bought cushions fade fast and bottom out quickly, so we wanted to replace the mass-produced ones with DIY versions made using high-quality materials. Our cushion consists of two sections of foam with a narrow divider section without foam that separates the chair back from the chair seat, making the two-piece, hinged cushion easy to fold and store when not in use. Let's jump into this fun and easy cushion DIY so you can start relaxing in your chaise lounge chair as soon as possible!

Outdoor chaise lounge cushion

Since we did not reuse any part of the original store-bought cushions, we decided to alter the design a bit to make our DIY patio cushions more practical. The original cushions did not have a zipper for removing the foam, so that's the first thing we wanted to change about the design. We installed a zipper in each flange so you can remove both foam pieces should they ever need to be replaced.

Now that you know some basics about cushion construction, let's talk about the materials we used to make our new patio lounge cushions. We knew we wanted a fabric that could stay outside all summer without fading in the sun. We also wanted a fabric that's easy to clean. We have several brands that offer solution-dyed, indoor/outdoor upholstery fabric, and we chose Sunbrella® upholstery for this project. Browse our selection of indoor/outdoor upholstery fabric and find the perfect fabric for your outdoor seating area.

We also needed to order foam. If you're making a cushion from scratch, or your foam has bottomed out, we have the foam you need. For patio cushions, we recommend CushionRite™ Dry Fast Antimicrobial Foam. Water passes quickly through this open cell foam, which means your cushion can be left outside all summer and won't soak up water — or get mildewy — after a rainstorm.

Ready to learn how to make patio cushions? Click the video below to watch our half-hour DIY tutorial. Below the video, you'll find the complete list of materials and tools used to make our outdoor chaise lounge cushions.

Thanks for watching! Have you made outdoor patio cushions before? Did you use any Sailrite supplies or how-to videos? Post about it in the comments section below!

Video Chapters:

  • Intro - 0:00 min.
  • Measuring Old Cushion - 1:01 min.
  • Using Old Cushion for Pattern - 6:29 min.
  • Cutting Fabric Panels - 8:44 min.
  • Creating Fabric Ties - 12:35 min.
  • Creating Zippered Hinge - 14:40 min.
  • Sewing Backrest & Seat Bottom to Zippers - 16:12 min.
  • Adding Zipper Sliders & Sewing Stops - 18:29 min.
  • Trimming Corners & Sewing Panels Together - 19:58 min.
  • Cutting Foam to Size & Stuffing Cushions - 25:25 min.
  • Materials & Tools - 28:43 min.

Materials List:

  • Sunbrella® 58030-0000 Cabana Classic 54" Upholstery Fabric #58030-0000
  • V-92 White UV Bonded Polyester Thread 4 oz. (1,350 yds.) #100079
  • Lenzip® #5 White Continuous Coil Zipper Chain #124597
  • Lenzip® #5 White Style C Single Non-Locking Metal Zipper Pull (Coil Chain) #124603
  • CushionRite™ Dry Fast Antimicrobial Foam (Medium) #124203

Tools List:

  • Clear Acrylic Ruler 6" x 24" #102400
  • Professional Stainless Steel 10" Scissors #123615
  • Multiuse Pins 1-1/2" (250 pack) #102985
  • Sailrite® Deluxe Fabricator® Sewing Machine Package (110V) #400600
  • Sailrite® Blade Foam Saw V2 with Carrying Case (110V) #121244
  • Sailrite® Edge Cordless Hotknife 18V Package #122177
  • Tape Measure, Pencil, Permanent Marker