DIY Room Divider Curtain

Item # X-HT-300606

Your RV or camper is your home away from home. But privacy can be an issue in an RV’s tight quarters. We have a solution for that. Have you ever thought about installing a curtain as a room divider to give your motor home the illusion of separate rooms? It’s a great trick, and our tutorial video will show you how it’s done. Learn how to sew a divider curtain for your RV or camper in this how-to project.

Learn how to make a room divider curtain in our video.

Our room divider curtain adds privacy and blocks off the living room from the small hallway and bedroom in our Airstream Argosy trailer.

The curtain slides along a track installed in the RV’s ceiling. This makes it very easy to open and close. We added a tieback to the curtain to make it easy to keep open when you’re walking through the RV. The tieback secures to the wall with a cloth-to-surface fastener set.

In this how-to video, you’ll learn the following DIY techniques:

  • How to measure and cut the fabric for the curtain panel.
  • How to mark and fold the fabric for the first hem.
  • How to create mitered corners to reduce fabric bulk in double hems.
  • How to sew the tab tape into the top curtain hem.
  • How to install the curtain track.
  • How to make the curtain tieback and train the fabric to pleat nicely.

You can order all the DIY supplies to make this project right here at Sailrite. Once you have your materials, watch the video below to learn how to make a room divider curtain for your camper.

We hope you enjoyed this fun DIY room divider curtain project. If you’re looking for more curtain and window treatment projects, just search “window treatments” on the Sailrite website to find all of our related how-to blogs. And if you want more RV content, check out our “RV Renovation Series.” We’re redoing an RV from top to bottom, inside and out. You won’t want to miss a single how-to in this exciting DIY series.

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Chapters List:

  • Intro — 0:00 min.
  • Measuring & Calculating Fabric Size — 0:40 min.
  • Cutting Fabric to Size — 6:49 min.
  • Marking & Folding First Hem — 9:35 min.
  • Creating Mitered Corners — 14:32 min.
  • Finishing Second Hem — 18:03 min.
  • Covering Sew-On Tab Tape — 19:57 min.
  • Sewing Tab Tape & Hems — 24:57 min.
  • Training Curtain — 27:10 min.
  • Installing Curtain Track — 29:01 min.
  • Making Tieback — 31:47 min.
  • Materials & Tools List — 39:49 min.

Materials List:

  • Sew-On Tab Tape (#100878)
  • Curtain Track Horizontal Mount Vinyl 48" (#100758)
  • Sunbrella® Bliss Clay 54" Upholstery Fabric (#48135-0005)
  • Seamstick 1/4" Basting Tape for Canvas & Upholstery (50 yds.) (#104167)
  • V-69 Thread from Sailrite®
  • Ribbed Push-In Rivets (Hole Diameter 1/8") (#123378)
  • Loxx® Pull It Up Fastener Cloth-to-Surface Set 1/2" Screw (#121362)

Tools List:

  • Chalk Pen White (#123131)
  • Clear Acrylic Ruler 6" x 24" (#102400)
  • Professional Stainless Steel 10" Scissors (#123615)
  • Wonder Clips Assorted Colors (10 pack) (#121876)
  • Sailrite® Deluxe Fabricator® Sewing Machine Package (110V) (#400600)
  • Rawhide Upholstery Mallet (#106423)
  • Sailrite® Tempered Cutting Glass (#121915)
  • Sailrite® Edge Cordless Hotknife 18V Package (#122177)
  • Tape Measure 120" (#102986)
  • Soft Grip Rotary Cutter 45mm (#123114)
  • Sailrite® Double-Sided Cutting Mat 24" x 18" Large (#123112)
  • Sailrite® Drill Hole Cutter Set (#121825)
  • Loxx® Pull It Up Fastener Locking Tool (#121358) or Loxx® Pull It Up Fastener Locking Key (#121357)
  • Tape Measure, Pencil, Straightedge, T-Square, Office Clamps, 1/8" Drill Bit, Drill, Finishing Washer, Wood Screw, Screwdriver, 9mm Socket