How to Reupholster a Footstool With Faux Leather

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Do you have a round footstool that needs a fabric update? Or did you find a great-looking footstool at a thrift shop, but you're not in love with the fabric? You're in luck! Today's DIY tutorial will teach you how to replace the worn faux leather or vinyl fabric on a round footstool with new faux leather fabric from Sailrite®. Get ready to learn some new DIY tricks with this fun and easy upholstery project. Let's get into it!

Take your footstool from bland to beautiful with our easy how-to video.

Even if you're new to DIY and upholstery work, you'll have no trouble reupholstering your footstool. Our step-by-step video tutorial walks you through the whole process and explains, in detail, how to tackle this project like a pro.

In this faux leather footstool upholstery video you'll learn how to:

  • Remove the old woven fabric on the footstool.
  • Measure the stool and cut new fabric panels.
  • Sew the boxing pieces together.
  • Sew the boxing to the round top plate.
  • Add a decorative topstitch to the footstool cover.
  • Staple the cover to the footstool.
The topstitch around the top of the footstool adds a beautiful finishing touch!

Let's talk fabric! We chose Ultraleather® for our footstool makeover. Ultraleather is a high-end, faux leather upholstery fabric that looks and feels like the finest European calfskin. It's a popular animal-friendly alternative to real leather. It's also incredibly durable and easy to clean. Ultraleather is a very slippery and stretchy fabric, and in the video we show you some tricks on how to sew the panels together so they match up perfectly.

Watch this easy tutorial video on how to reupholster a footstool.

We hope you enjoyed this fun and easy footstool upholstery project. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below. And we'd love to see photos of your finished footstools. Post a photo of your DIY to social media and tag us at #Sailrite so we can see all the amazing projects you make using Sailrite how-tos and video tutorials. Happy sewing!

Chapters List:

  • Intro — 0:00 min.
  • Removing Old Fabric — 0:18 min.
  • Measuring Stool & Cutting Fabric Panels — 2:04 min.
  • Sewing Boxing Together — 4:44 min.
  • Sewing Boxing to Top Plate — 8:30 min.
  • Adding Topstitch — 15:36 min.
  • Stapling Cover to Footstool — 18:24 min.
  • Materials & Tools List — 24:56 min.

Materials List:

  • Cambric Dust Cover Black 36" Fabric #122512
  • Polyester Batting White 55" .30" Loft (5 yds.) #122182
  • Ultraleather® Original Pecan 54" Fabric #104252
  • Seamstick 1/4" Basting Tape for Canvas & Upholstery (50 yds.) #104167
  • Coats Extra Strong® Tex 70 Hemp Nylon Upholstery Thread (150 yds.) #104817
  • 21 Gauge 3/8" (10mm) Staples 10,000/Box (Galvanized) #8010GZ

Tools List:

  • Staple Lifter #120037
  • Gingher® Scissors Right Hand Lightweight 8" #101017
  • Tape Measure 120" #102986
  • Scribe-All® Black Marking Pencil for Vinyl #121977
  • Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LSZ Walking Foot Sewing Machine (100-230V) #300600
  • Sailrite® Ultrafeed® Industrial Sewing Table #120934
  • Deluxe 5-1/2" Magnetic Sewing Guide #103597
  • Clear Acrylic Ruler 6" x 24" #102400
  • Basic Thread Snips #123222
  • Sailrite® Long Nose Upholstery Staple Gun #121411