Stitch Master® Sewing Machines — Common User Errors

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As a proud owner of a Craftool® Pro Stitch Master® Sewing Machine by Sailrite®, you have first-hand knowledge of how well the machine operates and sews everything from leather to upholstery fabric beautifully. But sometimes small issues can come up as you're sewing. We're here to help you get the most out of your machine. There are some very common issues that sewers experience with their machines including how to change the needle, how to adjust the belts and how to correct the machine's timing. If you are having trouble sewing with your Stitch Master, it is most likely one of these reasons. The support videos below will show you how to correct these issues so you can get back to your project!

Stitch Master sewing problems are easy to resolve.

How to Adjust the Belts on the Stitch Master

In order for your Stitch Master to perform well and increase the machine's longevity, the belts need to be correctly tensioned and aligned. If you hear excessive noise when you operate the machine, your belts might not be aligned correctly. If your belts are too tight, it can cause excessive wear and damage to the idler pulley. The video below will show you how to check whether you have the correct amount of tension and belt alignment and how to make adjustments if needed.

Stitch Master Timing Issues

The three videos below all relate to machine timing. If your machine will not pick up the loop of thread from the bobbin, skips stitches or shreds the thread, you may need to adjust the timing in your Stitch Master. Watch the following videos in order. If the first video does not resolve your issue, proceed to the next video, and so on.

How to Properly Install a Needle

One of the questions we get most often from customers is how to properly insert a new needle. If the needle is inserted in the wrong position, it may cause your thread to ball up or shred. It's important to change your needles frequently when working with leather. Watch the video below to see how to correctly install a needle and how to check that it's in the right position.

How to Set the Needle Bar Height on the Stitch Master

The needle bar can sometimes slip down and come out of alignment. If you hit something hard with your needle (metal zipper, grommet, etc.), the needle bar will slip and you won't be able to pick up your lower thread. It's important to make sure your needle bar is at the appropriate height for optimal sewing success, especially after replacing your needle. The video below will show you the steps needed to check your needle bar height and adjust it if needed.

How to Set the Driver Rotation

This is the third video in the machine timing series. If installing the needle correctly and adjusting the needle bar height did not fix your issue, it's time to adjust the hook rotation and timing on the underside of the machine. You will need to tilt the machine back to access the underside. Watch the video below for more information.

We hope these support videos have helped you diagnose and fix the issues you were having with your machine. If you need additional assistance, you can start a support case. Go to and fill out the required fields. A member of our highly trained support staff will review your case and contact you with a resolution.

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