Ultrafeed® Industrial Table Assembly Video

Item # X-HT-300548

With the Ultrafeed Industrial Table, you now have the versatility of keeping your Ultrafeed portable in its carrying case or putting it in this stationary table for tackling large-scale projects. Putting your Ultrafeed in a table gives you more room to work, and the table height with the machine sunk into the tabletop cutout makes for a very comfortable and productive sewing experience. In fact, the table height is adjustable, so you can set the table at the exact right height for you! The two videos below are complete, step-by-step assembly instructions for your new Ultrafeed Industrial Table and/or Workhorse Servo Motor & Speed Reducer Upgrade.

Video on how to assemble the Ultrafeed Compact Sewing Table.

How to Assemble the Ultrafeed® Industrial Sewing Table

If you purchased the industrial table, watch the video below to learn how to assemble your table and insert your Ultrafeed into the recessed machine housing cutout. The Ultrafeed Industrial Table is a great choice for sewers who sew large fabric assemblies and need adequate table space.

It's also a convenient way to create a dedicated location for your Ultrafeed at your home or workstation. The table is made from sturdy plywood with a double laminated surface (top and bottom) so it is protected from moisture. The sturdy K-Leg Table Frame provides a vibration-free sewing experience and the included oil tray helps to prevent oil drips. Predrilled holes in the tabletop make for a quick and easy assembly process.

How to Assemble the Ultrafeed® Industrial Sewing Table With Workhorse® Servo Motor & Speed Reducer

If you purchased the industrial table with the Workhorse motor and Speed Reducer package, watch the video below for full assembly instructions. You'll learn how to put the table together, how to install the motor and speed reducer, and also how to insert your Ultrafeed machine into the tabletop cutout.

The table is made from sturdy plywood with a double laminate finish, and the addition of the Workhorse Servo Motor and Speed Reducer will take your sewing experience to the next level. With the Workhorse, you have a maximum sewing range between 123-616 stitches per minute while never losing the ability to sew stitch-by-stitch. The Speed Reduction Pulley slows the motor down even more to give you incredible power and control when sewing at extremely slow speeds. You'll love sewing with this new table and motor setup for your Ultrafeed machine.

We hope you enjoy your new stationary sewing setup for your Ultrafeed Sewing Machine! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team via email, phone or the online chat function on our website. You can also leave a comment below.