An Economical Way to Install Gypsy Studs

SKU: X-HT-300110



A gypsy stud is a fastener component sometimes called a “double stud” because it’s a stud on the top and a socket on the bottom. This allows you to create cloth-to-cloth-to-cloth or cloth-to-cloth-to-surface connections. Since the gypsy stud is different than your typical fastener components, it also needs to be installed a little differently. We’re going to share a quick tip with you for installing a gypsy stud without purchasing a professional-grade tool.

To install a gypsy stud you will need at least our basic Snap Fastener Installation Tool (#25204) or the Snap Fastener Deluxe Installation Tool (#100949). This method can be done for the occasional gypsy stud installation, but if you are going to be using these fastener components regularly, then we recommend getting the Pres-N-Snap Tool with the additional Gypsy Stud Dies.

1. Install the button and socket portion of your fastener.

2. Punch the hole for the gypsy stud.

3. Place the button in the button cavity on your anvil.

4. Snap the gypsy stud onto the installed button and socket.

5. Push the fabric over the gypsy stud and add the socket.

6. Use your snap installation tool and a mallet to roll the rivet.

7. Install the final eyelet and stud on your last connection point and you're done!

And that’s all there is to it! To learn more about gypsy studs and how they can be used, check out our Fastener Selection Guide “What Is a Gypsy Stud?” (#X-HT-300037).