Assorted (#5-10) General Hand Sewing Needles Round/Sharp Point (16 pack)

SKU: 123124



These hand sewing needles are a medium length to fit comfortably in the hand. They feature sharp points and small eyes and are used with standard sewing threads. Assorted sizes 5-10.

How are hand sewing needles sized? Generally, the bigger the number, the finer and shorter the needle. Sizes 5-9 are the most common sizes used for general sewing on light- to medium-weight home, hobby and garment fabrics. Size 10 has a smaller eye and is intended for small, delicate stitches and detail work.

Premium Needle Features:

  • Made from finely ground steel with a smooth-finish plating, making them harder and stronger than similar needles.
  • Lower angle on the point ensures that you pierce the fabric as smoothly and easily as possible.
  • Sewing threads never damaged or shredded thanks to the smooth gold eyes on the needles.
  • Manufactured to a hardness factor of 58-62 degrees; very solid manufacturing quality ensures user confidence.
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards for over 50 years.

Exclusive Consumer Pack:

  • Top-quality needles combined with strong and durable packaging for ease of use and transportability.
  • Package design makes removing and replacing needles easy and convenient.
  • Flip-top back makes needles easy to access and reach; needles slide in and out.
  • Case snaps tightly closed; needles will not slip out.