Berry Compliant Fabrics: What You Need to Know

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What Is Berry Compliance?

The Berry Amendment was implemented in 1941 to protect United States textile manufacturers during wartime. In a nutshell, the amendment states that the U.S. Department of Defense is not allowed to use funds to purchase various goods — including clothing, food, yarn, tents, tools and fabric — that are not produced, grown, processed or reused in the United States. This legislation prevents the Department of Defense from purchasing goods from international suppliers unless the needed goods are not available domestically.

This amendment is really geared toward American companies who do business with the Department of Defense. American companies wishing to obtain Berry Compliance must guarantee that their products, including all components, are 100% domestically produced. The Berry Amendment protects American companies from being passed over for their international competitors and promotes American businesses and local economies.

Why Is It Important?

What does this mean for you as a general consumer? Well, not much really. The everyday American is not required to purchase Berry Compliant goods or comply with the Berry Amendment. As previously explained, Berry Compliance is only required if your project is involved with the United States Department of Defense. That being said, it does still have significance for general consumers and is worth considering.

Berry Compliance encourages consumers and businesses to purchase goods manufactured in the United States over those made in other countries. If you make it a point to shop local, or if you value American made goods, you can seek out Berry Compliant products. It’s an easy way to support American manufacturing and production.

Which Fabrics Are Berry Compliant?

Sailrite® is proud to offer Cordura®, an industry leader in bag fabric. Cordura 500D Mil-Spec and 1000D Mil-Spec are two fabric lines that both meet Berry Compliance. Cordura 500D is a lighter weight choice at 8 oz/sq. yd. compared to 1000D, which is 12 oz/sq. yd. Both of these fabric lines are built for your toughest bag-making needs. Made from air-jet textured nylon from INVISTA™, Cordura is a high-tenacity woven nylon bag fabric that’s excellent for a broad range of purposes. They make durable, heavy-duty duffle bags, backpacks, luggage, wallets, outerwear, outdoor and military gear, and so much more.

Berry Compliant Fabrics 3From left to right: Some of our Nylon 400D bag fabrics followed by our Cordura Mil-Spec offerings.

Our other Berry Compliant fabrics are Nylon 200D and 400D. Nylon 200D is a Type 66 standard 4 oz flag material made by SolarMax®. This lightweight nylon material is used for making flags, banners, signs, totes and light bags, windsocks and more. It’s great for sewing your own courtesy flags for your sailboat but should not be used as sailcloth or covers. Nylon 400D is heavier and sturdier than 200D at 8 oz/sq. yd. It’s a great choice for sail bags and banners.

We hope this article has answered any questions you had about Berry Compliance and how it affects you. Check out Sailrite’s inventory of Berry Compliant fabrics and consider them for your next DIY.