Comparing Sailrite® Edge & Engel Hotknife

Item # X-HT-300203

General Specifications

The Sailrite Edge Hotknife features an extra-long cord length of 9.5 feet, heats up in 4-6 seconds and has a wattage of 60. The Engle Hotknife has a cord length of 6.23 feet, heats up in 6-8 seconds and has a wattage of 70. Both of these hotknives are lightweight and trigger operated with a warranty of one year.

Special Features & Price

While the Sailrite Edge and the Engel Hotknife are both similar in price, there are some variations in what is included with a purchase of each. The Sailrite Edge Hotknife package includes: the hotknife body, R blade, cutting foot, plastic carrying case, wire brush and hex key for one flat price. The Engel hotknife simply has the hotknife body with built-in light, and each cutting blade is sold separately at an additional cost.

Making a Decision

Both of these tools are great for working with synthetic fibers such as acrylic, nylon and polyester. They also possess similar general features in terms of temperature control and voltage (110V). While the Sailrite Edge does feature quite a few more additions than the Engel, there is no clear winner as both brands are quality tools. The Engel is made in Germany and its components ensure it will stand up to consistent, everyday use such as in a commercial enterprise. The Sailrite Edge is also more than capable of commercial use and features a thinner blade for more precise cuts. Both tools should be given a 2-second cooldown with every 10 seconds of use to avoid blade warping.

Your choice may come down to considering cord length, heat up time, special features and cost. No matter what you decide, Sailrite has the tools you need to get the job done!