Foam Closed Cell Natural is an antimicrobial Ensolite closed cell PVN foam that is designed for flotation gear and marine cushions. Ensolite foam is 3 times as firm as polyurethane foam and resists moisture absorption, weather-aging and mechanical abrasion. Ensolite does not support combustion. This closed cell foam is excellent to use for cockpit cushions, life jackets, bosun's chairs, or anywhere a firm, thin cushion is needed.

Glue pieces of foam together with adhesive to form custom foam shapes and sizes and to reduce waste.

Closed cell foam may shrink over time, especially in colder weather. Note that thicker foams tend to be more stable than thinner foams.

Note: Items are compressed for shipping, we recommend unrolling as soon as possible. Compressed foam takes up to a week to regain its original size and shape. Allow foam to fully decompress before cutting or using in a project.

Note: The manufacturer lists the width of the sheet as 56 inches; however, they have a +/- 3% tolerance on the width (54 to 58 inches). Please note that the foam thickness can also vary from 1-1/2 to 2 inches.


Sale Unit: EA
Length: 24"
Width: 56"
Thickness: 1-1/2"
Certifications: ASTM D1056 2C0/2C1, FMVSS 302
Foam Density: 3-4.5 pounds per cubic foot
Special Features: Antimicrobial/Biocide, Flotation
Foam Material: Polyvinyl Nitrile
Compression Resistance (PSI) at 25%: 1.5-3.5
Shrinkage: 3-5%
Water Absorption Max Weight Change: 7%
Temperature Range: -30 to +200 (F)

At a Glance

Foam Usage: Frequent
Foam Uses: Cockpit Cushions
Foam Firmness/IFD: 76 lbs. or higher (Extra Firm)


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Cushion Foam: Which Type Should I Use for My Boat or Home?

Gluing Closed Cell Foam with 3M Super Trim Spray Adhesive


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James Leete
Verified Purchase

Great product…closed cell is a good pick!

Guillermina ( Mina) Rosales
Verified Purchase

The quality is great!!!

Verified Purchase

Worked great for my motorcycle seat.

Brandon Ankele
Verified Purchase

Very nice foam. I’m not experienced with closed cell foam, but it worked perfectly for my seat.

Robin Blackley
Verified Purchase

It was just what I needed for the seats. I ordered the foam sample box which was a great help in deciding what I should order. The site and the service was was easy to navigate and the delivery was fast. I also like the "How To" which is so helpful. I will definitely be ordering again. The only downside was that the end where the roll started did not return to a useable shape but stayed crimped up. I managed to work around it so the cushion seats were flat with good vertical sides.

Robert Coltman
Verified Purchase

Best foam ice found yet

Paula Mueller
Verified Purchase

Came in so folded and creased it had to be replaced

Sailrite Response

We are so sorry the crease caused a delay in your project and our Support Team was pleased to send you a replacement. Be sure to let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

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