Hem Construction Techniques

Item # X-HT-200550

Hemming is a sewing basic. A simple finished edge gives any sewing project a clean, professional look. But what to do when you need more out of your hem than just a finished edge? Which hem style would function best? That’s where we come in!

Our Hem Construction Techniques video can be your go-to hemming style resource. With demonstrations of 10 different hem applications, this video starts with the basic single hem and works its way to more specific projects, like making a hem for a drawstring sleeve or strengthening an edge for grommet installation. Watch the entire video to learn a variety of hemming techniques or jump right to the relevant chapter.

Popular Hems Overview

Single Hem: A quick, easy hem for when only one finished side is required.

Rolled Edge: Simple, easy hem that creates a finished look on both sides of the fabric.

Double Hem: Popular hem that creates a finished look on both sides of the fabric. Strong enough for fasteners and grommets.

Bound Edge: Popular on biminis and dodgers and finishes both sides of the fabric in one easy step. Strong enough for fasteners and grommets with facing or when reinforced with webbing.

Taped Edge: Great for tarps or trampolines. Sturdy enough for large grommets and provides a clean, thick border on each side of the fabric.

Hem with Drawstring: Perfect hem for bags or cinch covers. A drawstring is secured inside the hem for a clean, functional finish.

Hem with Awning Rope: A hem that doubles as a fastening system! Simply attach awning rope under a double hem and secure with a row of straight stitches.

Video Chapters:

  • Single Hem - 0:46 min.
  • Single Hem with Webbing - 1:43 min.
  • Rolled Edge - 4:49 min.
  • Double Hem - 5:47 min.
  • Bound Edge - 10:32 min.
  • Bound Edge with Webbing - 11:05 min.
  • Edge with Facing - 12:33 min.
  • Taped Edge (for tarps or trampolines) - 13:17 min.
  • Hem with Drawstring Sleeve - 15:20 min.
  • Hem with Awning Rope - 17:42 min.
  • Tip for Sewing Long Hems or Seams - 19:08 min.