How to Make a Sailrite® Genoa Sleeve Kit

Item # X-HT-300334

When your sailboat is docked, your headsail needs to be protected with a high-quality sleeve. Protecting your furled headsail from pollution and damaging UV rays will prolong its lifespan and save you money on repairs and replacements. Our Sailrite® Genoa Sleeve Kit is just what you need to keep your sail safe from the elements, and we’ve made a detailed, step-by-step video showing you how to sew a genoa sleeve using all the materials included in your kit.

Our sleeve design allows the sailor to get the maximum performance from his or her genoa sail because the sacrificial cover typically sewn on the leech and foot is not required with this unique design. Standard genoa sleeves made with the traditional sock method are difficult to lash because lines can’t be tensioned near the top of the sleeve where tension is needed most. This results in a sleeve that flogs in strong winds. A flogging sleeve will quickly fall apart and creates incessant flapping noises that will make you very unpopular at the marina.

With our Genoa Sleeve Kit there’s no need to add extra lashings because we’ve developed an ingenious lacing system that almost completely eliminates sleeve flogging in strong winds, thus prolonging the life of both your genoa sleeve and sail from flogging and chafing. Our kit comes with top-of-the-line materials to create a well-made sleeve that will last longer than a traditional genoa sleeve. We’ve chosen Top Notch® 9 for our fabric, which is a solution-dyed polyester that won’t fade in the sun. It’s breathable and water-repellent, and best of all it’s reversible so you don’t have to worry about matching up wrong sides as you sew.

Once you’ve received your kit, you’ll be ready to watch the video below and start sewing your genoa sleeve! Let us know if you have any questions along the way. We’re always happy to help.

Video Chapters:

  • Creating Outer Pocket – 01:55 min.
  • Slitting Fabric for Sock Body – 08:04 min.
  • Tapering Head of Sock – 10:04 min.
  • Joining Sock Halves Together – 14:45 min.
  • Basting & Sewing First Half of Zipper – 17:37 min.
  • Creating Match Up Marks for Second Half of Zipper – 23:14 min.
  • Sewing Outer Pocket to Sock – 30:00 min.
  • Installing Head Rings & Buckles – 36:32 min.
  • Installing Webbing Loops & Fairleads – 42:46 min.
  • Finishing Zipper at Head – 52:15 min.
  • Finishing Bottom Edge – 1:01:59 min.
  • Installing Tack End Hardware – 1:07:11 min.
  • Running Tensioning Lines – 1:19:01 min.
  • Installing Genoa Sleeve – 1:23:56 min.
  • Materials List – 1:29:45 min.

Materials List:

  • Sailrite® Genoa Sleeve Kit in color and size of choice

Tools List:

  • Clear Acrylic Ruler 6" x 24" (#102400)
  • Chalk Pencil Cartridge Set (#121669)
  • Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LSZ Walking Foot Sewing Machine (#300600)
  • Deluxe 5 1/2" Magnetic Sewing Guide (#103597)
  • Sailrite® Ultrafeed® Industrial Sewing Table (#120934)
  • Sailrite® Edge Hotknife Package (#103800)
  • Sailrite® Canvas Patterning Ruler (#107040)
  • Gingher® 8" Scissors Right Handed (#19104)
  • Seam Ripper Deluxe (#18104)
  • Yardstick, Tape Measure, Office Clamps, L-Square