How to Inspect Sails for the Next Sailing Season

Item # X-HT-200695

At the end of every sailing season, right before you’re about to pack away your sailboat and store all your sailing tools supplies, it’s a good idea to inspect your sails. You should carefully look them over to make sure they are in good shape and will be ready for next year. That way, if you do find that your sails are in need of some repairs or maintenance, you won’t be surprised when you take your boat out of storage and are ready to sail again. It will mean more time in the water for you if you have plenty of notice to do your repair work during the off-season. It will also give you plenty of time to order any needed supplies and sailcloth from Sailrite®.

In this informative video, Sailrite Sail Designer Jeff Frank will thoroughly inspect some sails from an Islander 37 sailboat and look for the most common sail repair issues. After Jeff walks you through how to inspect your sails and what issues to look for, there will be separate links in the video to take you to your specific repair need. Jeff will talk about and demonstrate the following parts of your sail that may need repairs: sail window, luff tape, seams, holes or rips, grommets, shackles and slides, batten pockets, spreader patch, corner rings, and leech and foot flutter issues, sail numbers and logo, and inspecting the headboard.

After watching this video, you will be ready to tackle your sail repair and have your sail ready for next year’s sailing season! Now that you know what issues you need to fix on your sail, be sure to check out our entire lineup of Sail Repair How-To Videos to find the one you need. Click the “How-To” link on our website, then “Marine Projects.” Select the “Sail Repair” option under our “How-To Series” category. Still need assistance? Our customer service representatives are happy to help. Feel free to call, email or online chat with us.