How to Work Binding Around Corners or Curves

Item # X-HT-200433

Our short video, "How to Work Binding Around Corners or Curves," is a great demonstration for installing binding around a corner when using a standard feed binder attachment. Installing binding around a corner is not as difficult as it seems. For gentle curves, turn the fabric slowly while feeding it into the binder slot. For 90-degree turns, cut the binding at the corner and sew down with one side overlapping the other.

Our Sailrite® Swing-Away Binders are practical, easy-to-use sewing accessories. You can easily add one of these products to your Ultrafeed® LS or LSZ Sewing Machine to make your next project a little bit easier. But how? The Sailrite Swing-Away Binder automatically guides and folds binding tape into place over the edge of your fabric as you sew. These handy products are available in 3/4-inch, 1-inch, 1-1/4-inch and 2-inch sizes to help you tackle a number of binding projects. This binder works great when used in conjunction with our wide selection of Sunbrella®, Stamoid™ and Weblon Regatta® binding. The Sailrite Swing-Away Binder is a fantastic tool for the DIYer — it allows you to skip hemming by quickly and easily finishing the edges of awnings, dodgers, biminis, bags, boat flooring and more!

Our step-by-step video will provide you with useful tips and tricks for sewing binding around corners while using the Sailrite Swing-Away Binder. For even more useful pointers on using your binder attachment to the fullest, be sure to check out some of our other informative blogs, such as "How to Sew 7/8" Binding in a 1" Binder Attachment" (300361XHT) and "How to Make a Custom Boat Floor Mat with Woven Vinyl" (300126XHT). You can also refer to the "Learn" section of the website for an even greater number of projects that require a binder.