How to Install a Zippered Window With Removable Screen

Item # X-HT-200563

Our "Installing Zippered Window with Removable Zippered Screen Video" will walk you through how to install a zippered window with a removable screen in a boat enclosure. This versatile addition to your boat provides you with the flexibility to have a screen to keep bugs out of the enclosure or to remove the screen for an unobstructed view and extra airflow. Boat enclosures like this one are great for keeping out wet sea spray, cold air or insects. This video is an excerpt from the Sailrite® "Make Your Own Full Boat Enclosure DVD."

To help us in our DIY endeavor, we've chosen a few high-quality tools available on our website. One of these is the Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LS-1, the best-in-class portable walking foot sewing machine. This straight stitch sewing machine is powerful enough to breeze through several layers of material such as denim, sailcloth, heavy canvas, upholstery fabrics, vinyl, webbing, soft leather, window material, curtain fabrics, Sew Foam and more. This makes it a no-brainer for marine projects such as this one that involves thick or hard-to-sew materials. And if you plan to work on materials such as sailcloth, it may be beneficial to consider the Ultrafeed® LSZ-1 that features zigzag/straight stitch capabilities.

Allow our detailed video to walk you through every step needed to complete this project including measuring, cutting, basting, patterning, adding the appropriate zippers and more. If you'd like to see what other projects customers like you have completed with help from Sailrite, consider visiting our "Meet Our Customers" blog. There we have several detailed blogs describing how everyday DIYers have created amazing projects using how-to videos like this one. To check these out, visit our home page and simply click the "Meet Our Customers" icon at the top of the page. Prepare to be amazed and inspired!

Installing Zippered Window with Removable Zippered Screen Chapters:

  • Marking Vinyl Window Material - 1:20 min.
  • Basting & Sewing Binding - 2:37 min.
  • Basting Facing - 5:29 min.
  • Sewing Coil Zippers - 6:17 min.
  • Finishing Top Edge of Window - 10:32 min.
  • Patterning Screen - 13:11 min.
  • Finishing Screen Edges- 14:36 min.
  • Sewing VISLON® Zippers & Slitting Window - 21:08 min.
  • Installing Fasteners - 29:23 min.
  • Materials List - 40:36 min.