Permalock Fastener Cloth-to-Cloth Set Black
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For those who prefer a non-metal, twist-lock fastener you cannot beat Permalock. Manufactured from DuPont's non-corrosive, UV stabilized Zytel, Permalock Fasteners are very durable and hold up well in the sun. The stud can be used in assemblies up to 3/16-inch thick with the included rivets. Longer rivets can be purchased for thicker assemblies. The eyelet can be installed in assemblies up to 1/8-inch thick and is limited by the length of the eyelet legs.

This is for Cloth-to-Cloth Assemblies, Cloth-to-Surface sets are also available.

Please Note: We recommend to avoid placing these fasteners where they can be stepped on.

To Install: Mark where the eyelet legs and stud rivets will be on your fabric. Using an awl, or similar device, poke holes in the fabric where the eyelet legs and stud rivets will pass through. Secure the stud to the backplate with the fabric in between using the supplied rivets and an installation tool. The eyelet is simply squeezed together by hand: poke the eyelet legs of the top plate through the holes in the fabric and snap on the bottom plate, flat side towards the fabric, pressing firmly to secure tightly. Finally, cut out the center hole from the eyelet with a hot knife or utility blade. This can also be done prior to installation with a #1 or #2 hole punch.


  • 100% Zytel
  • Non-Corrosive
  • UV Stabilized
  • Stud can be Installed in Assemblies up to 3/16" Thick
  • Eyelet can be Installed in Assemblies up to 1/8" Thick
  • Cloth-to-Cloth Set


Sale Unit: PK
Color: Black
Brand: Permalock
Hardware Material: Plastic



A. 1.159 inches
B. 0.906 inch
C. 0.337 inch
D. 0.587 inch


E. 1.407 inches
F. 0.471 inch
G. 0.823 inch
H. 0.471 inch
I. 0.942 inch
J. 1.407 inches



Permalock Plastic Twist Lock Fasteners for Canvas


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Keith Weinsaft
Verified Purchase


I looked everywhere for twist lock fastener to replace broken ones on my 1990 boat. Only Sailrite had them and they shipped and arrived in under four days.

Richard Castrop
Verified Purchase

Perfect for securing my satchel flap. Antique brass matched other hardware perfectly.

Haven't used them yet, but great quality for light duty. Make sure you have a rivet tool.

The Big Bag Company
Verified Purchase

Great item, easy to install and very strong

John Simpson
Verified Purchase

non rusting, easy install w/out special tools

Brian Jones
Verified Purchase

Solid product but plastic construction is only suitable for medium-duty applications. Also, there are some dots I would describe as "flashing" on both the finished and undersides of the product from the injection molds so the finish has an industrial appearance. Function is top-notch though, it does what it says it does.

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