Pres-N-Snap Installation Tool

SKU: 109011



The Pres-N-Snap Tool is a professional-grade fastener installation tool that lets you set fasteners with just a one-handed squeeze. This tool automatically punches a hole and installs the fastener while letting you keep one hand on the fabric. The Pres-N-Snap comes with six dies for setting standard, ligne 24 snap fastener components (button, socket, stud and eyelet) as well as #1 plain washer grommets. Installing grommets does require cutting a hole prior to installation. Hole cutting dies for the Pres-N-Snap are available, but sold separately.

This Tool Includes:

  • Button Die
  • Socket Die
  • Stud Die
  • Eyelet Die
  • #1 Plain Washer Grommet Dies

With the Pres-N-Snap Tool you can also purchase a variety of add-on die sets for installing other types of specialty fasteners. With this tool you can easily set Twist Lock fasteners, Pull-The-Dot (one-way) fasteners, Lift-The-Dot Eyelet Type Studs, gypsy studs, #00 and #2 plain grommets and #0 and #1 spur grommets. See the list below for a full list of additional available dies:

  • Stud-to-Gypsy Stud Die (#100899)
  • One Way (Pull-The-Dot) Die (#586325)
  • Lift-The-Dot Eyelet-Type Base Die Set (#106397)
  • Turn Lock Die Set (#104993)
  • #1 Hole Cutter Die (#100908)
  • #2 Hole Cutter Die (#100909)
  • #00 Plain Grommet Die (#102894)
  • #0 Plain Grommet Die (#123588)
  • #2 Plain Grommet Die (#102213)
  • #3 Plain Grommet Die (#121601)
  • #0 Spur Grommet Die (#103629)
  • #1 Spur Grommet Die (#100971)

This durable, high-quality tool can save you hours of tedious work on your next project! Convenient to use in your hand or mounted to a workshop bench using the optional Bench Mount (#831123).