Comparing the Sailrite® SnapRite® System & Pres-N-Snap Installation Tool

Item # X-HT-300211

Sailrite® SnapRite® System Complete Kit

Comparing the Sailrite Snap Rite and Pres N Snap Installation Tool 3

The Sailrite SnapRite System Complete Kit features a set of four dies that work with a standard rivet gun to install button, socket, stud and eyelet snap fastener components. The Complete Kit comes with a professional, heavy-duty rivet tool, four dies, 100 mandrels, a handy storage pouch and instruction booklet, and a foam-lined carrying case to keep it all together. The only things you have to provide are the snap fasteners. If you already own a rivet tool, you can simply order the SnapRite System, which includes everything except the rivet tool and carrying case. The dies are color-coded so you can tell at a glance which dies can be used together. The SnapRite System requires the use of special SnapRite buttons and gypsy studs, but it installs all other standard snap components in a Ligne 24 size—the most common snap fastener size. The surface mount and twist lock stud dies are not included in either the Complete Kit or the SnapRite System but can be purchased separately.

Pres-N-Snap Installation Tool

Comparing the Sailrite Snap Rite and Pres N Snap Installation Tool 4

The Pres-N-Snap Installation Tool comes with six dies for setting standard Ligne 24 snap fastener components, including button, socket, stud and eyelet components, as well as #1 plain washer grommets. Installing grommets does require cutting a hole in the fabric prior to installation. All other snaps are set with a one-handed squeeze, so you can position your fabric and hold it still with your other hand. Additional dies can be purchased to expand the usefulness of the tool, including twist lock, Pull-The-Dot, Lift-The-Dot fasteners, gypsy studs and more.


One major benefit of the SnapRite is that it doubles as a positioning tool to make sure you get perfect and even spacing from snap to snap, for example, on a boat cover for a professional-looking and tight-fitting cover. The SnapRite has no throat, meaning you can place snaps anywhere on the fabric with no restrictions. It’s the only tool on the market that includes just four dies to install the most common types of snap fasteners in just one step without having to prepunch a hole in the fabric.

Like the SnapRite, the Pres-N-Snap is a professional-grade fastener installation tool. The dies snap into place so they won’t get lost or slip out of the tool during installation. The Pres-N-Snap is the only snap installation tool that also sets grommets; it can also be mounted on a tool bench with the additional purchase of the Pres-N-Snap Bench Mount (#831123) for even faster and easier snap installation.


These are both fantastic tools, and neither one has very many negatives in our opinion. A drawback of the SnapRite is that it requires the use of SnapRite mandrels to install the fasteners. These mandrels can break when you set the fasteners, so when you run out you must order more. The SnapRite System also requires the use of unique SnapRite buttons and gypsy studs but installs all other standard ligne 24 snap components. Some people are wary of the mandrel hole in the center of the button for fear of water getting in, but the hole is harmless and if still concerned you can add a dab of silicone to seal it.

A drawback of the Pres-N-Snap tool is that the throat on the tool restricts where you can install snaps on your fabric, potentially limiting its usefulness. Also, if you need to buy more dies than the tool initially comes with, it can turn into an expensive commitment.


Both of these fastener installation tools are top-of-the-line tools that quickly and easily install fasteners in one step. They are also both close in price, though the SnapRite System Complete Kit is the less expensive choice and comes with a convenient, foam-lined carrying case. You really can’t go wrong choosing either of these systems for your fastener installation needs. If you still need help deciding between the two, we’re always here to answer any questions and help you make the right choice.