DOT® Pull-The-DOT® One Way Button 11/64" (Nickel-Plated Brass)

SKU: 555777
$3.50 to $245.00



DOT® Pull-The-DOT® One Way Button is made of top quality nickel-plated brass and is used for cloth-to-cloth or cloth-to-surface applications. The Pull-The-DOT button has an 11/64" barrel and features an embossed cap with the Pull-The-DOT trademark. The button rivets to a special Pull-The-DOT socket (sold separately) to create a locking snap that will only open from one side.

Pull-The-DOT buttons are used in conjunction with Pull-The-DOT sockets. An installed button and socket can then be snapped to a stud. For cloth-to-surface installations, use a Pull-The-DOT stud with an integrated screw and for cloth-to-cloth applications use a Pull-The-DOT stud in conjunction with an eyelet.

Pull-The-DOT snap fasteners work well with applications where the snap must be placed at an angle where the fabric tension is high. Snap fasteners are excellent for covers, enclosures and more. All fasteners are highly resistant to corrosion.

To make the button a true "Pull-the-DOT," punch a dimple in the button cap along the edge that has been set to release. To open, just remember to "pull-the-dot."