Sailrite® Mini Round Leather Knife
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A round-head knife is a very useful knife for leatherwork. This general-purpose knife can be used for cutting, trimming, skiving and more. This type of knife is for push cutting, and the blade’s curved edge allows you to easily round corners.

The small size of the head gives you more control, precision and accuracy in your leather crafting. The rosewood handle contours to your hand for a comfortable grip and controlled cutting. Suitable for both right- and left-handed users.

Unique blade shape.

Ideal for rounding corners.

Strong and corrosion-resistant.

440C stainless steel.


Can be polished and sharpened for consistent cutting.


Sale Unit: EA
Brand: Sailrite
Warranty: 90 Days



A. 5.917"
B. 1.273"


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Overall Rating : 3.5 2 Reviews

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Vincent Prainito
Verified Purchase

Well made

Really nice leather crafting knife. Needs a little touch up sharping but that's it. very comfortable to work with.

Mike Kury
Verified Purchase

Could be Great But...

This cost over $50 with shipping but the product quality was very disappointing. First, the blade was unevenly ground so it took a lot of work to grind down the metal so that it can sit flush with the sharpening angle. They must have used a belt sharpener because the blade profile isn't fit for a sharpening stone. Second, it can get scary sharp very quickly once you have an even profile, but the steel must not be very good because it dulls rather quickly. Third, the concept is very cool but it seems like it's made for left-handed people because the neck angle that would be most comfortable is kind of backwards. Reprofiling the blade helps with this a bit. I wanted to send it back and exchange for better knife but there's a huge price gap between it and the damascus knife. In the end, I basically spent $50+ on a knife apparently no better than the $15-20 knives I've bought on Amazon. It's a really great concept, and nice looking wood handle, but just not a quality commensurate with the price.

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