How to Sew a Double Hem With Corner Reduction

Item # X-HT-300359

In order to properly install grommets and snaps into the corner of a project, you'll need to make sure it's a suitable thickness first. If you try to put this hardware in the corner of a fabric assembly that is too thick, like a corner with a double hem, it will not install properly. This can put a damper on your project, so how do you solve the problem? Discover how to sew a double hem with a reduced corner thickness so that you can better install grommets and snaps with help from Sailrite®.

Any time you're installing a grommet, snap or fastener into a fabric, you'll want to make sure the fabric is going to hold the hardware for a secure application that will stand up to the test of time. Reducing the corner of a double hem is often required when installing a fastener, such as a grommet, Twist-Lock fastener, Lift-the-DOT® fastener, Loxx® fastener or even a snap. If the corner is not reduced in thickness, depending on the overall thickness of the fabric and the type of fastener used, it might not be possible to install the fastener at all. Reducing the corner's thickness can resolve this issue.

Follow along in our short video to learn how to quickly and easily reduce the corner thickness of a double hem. Having a thinner fabric assembly in the corners will ensure your grommet or fastener will fit securely. Here we’re using Sunbrella® Marine Grade Fabric and creating a double hem. We will then show you the step-by-step process of measuring, cutting and sewing your double hem corners so that they have fewer fabric layers before we install our grommets.

For this and many other DIY projects where only the best is good enough, shop Sailrite for all your tools, supplies, sewing machines and helpful how-tos. Have you tried this trick before? Did it work? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Products Used:

  • Sunbrella Fabric - Item #6002-0000
  • Seamstick for Canvas - Item #129
  • Clear Acrylic Ruler - Item #102400
  • Canvas Patterning Ruler - Item #107040
  • Die Set Spur #1 (5/16") - Item #18202
  • Stayput Spin Cut 3/8" (9.5mm) Tool - Item #103440
  • Sailrite Cutting Block & Die Holder - Item #121597
  • Spur Grommet Nickel #1 (5/16") - Item #26315
  • Ultrafeed LSZ-1 Sewing Machine - Item #300602
  • Rawhide Mallet 2# - Item #121546