Top Gun® 1S Caribbean Blue 60" Fabric
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Top Gun® 1S is a one-sided acrylic-coated fabric that provides high water resistance, excellent durability and superior tear and abrasion resistance. Woven from 100% polyester, this 600 denier fabric has no pigmentation on the underside, making color rub-off nearly impossible. The specially formulated acrylic coating on the topside will not crack, peel, harden or fade and resists mildew, rot and UV rays. There is a right and wrong side to this fabric, meaning only the non-coated, the white side should face the application and the coated, colored side, should face the outside. This fabric is ideal for marine awnings, biminis, boat covers, enclosures and dodgers. It's also great for outdoor, RV, and automotive covers and more!

Please Note: To avoid growth of mildew, do not fold and store this fabric while wet. After a thorough cleaning and drying, water repellency may be reduced. This can be improved through an application of AquaTite® Green.

Note: The term denier refers to the fiber thickness of individual threads or filaments used in the creation of textiles and fabrics. Fabrics with a high denier count tend to be thick, sturdy and durable.

Top Gun® 1S Royal Blue 60" Fabric (#120444) shown.


Sale Unit: Sold per linear yard
Width: 60"
Fabric Content: 100% Polyester
Fabric Design: Solid & Variegated
Popular Collection: Top Gun 1S
Color: Blue
Weight: 9 ounces per square yard
Wear Rating: 1,000,000 Double Rubs (Cotton Test)
Care & Cleaning: See Documents for Full Instructions
Special Features: Easy to Clean, Highly Abrasion Resistant, Highly Water Resistant, Mold & Mildew Resistant, UV Resistant
Tear Strength: 480 lbf (warp), 340 lbf (fill)
Tensile Strength: 480 lbf (warp), 340 lbf (fill)
Brand: Top Gun
Roll Size: 50 Yards
Denier: 600
Spray Rating: 90+
Warranty: 5 Years

Recommended Uses

Marine: Awnings, Biminis & T-Tops, Boat Covers, Chafe Protection, Dodgers, Enclosures, Sail Bags
Outdoor Living: Awnings, Covers
RV & Auto: Awnings


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Great Fabric

This fabric is easy to sew, supple enough to maneuver into differing corners, and looks great.

John mccall

Mixed feelings re Top Gun 1S product so far

Full disclosure: I am just completing construction of a boat cover. It has not gone into service yet. 1. The product appears to be very hardy and I expect it to be in service for a long time. 2. I am concerned about the potential for leaking at seams and darts due to needle puncture holes where I can see daylight through them. I used basting tape for most seams but not for darts or chafe protection patches and those are the areas of concern. I will try iosso but the directions indicate that iosso must be re-applied after "exposure to weather several times." That level of required maintenance is more than I expected. 3. Minor point - the exterior surface is quite resistant to marks, etc. This is an excellent characteristic but it makes it difficult to mark darts, reinforcement points for chafe protection, etc. I consider the resistance to scuffing and marking during the life of the product to be of much greater value than the minor inconvenience that occurs when trying to mark construction points, etc. Summary: If the boat cover doesn't leak through the seams, i will be very satisfied. If it does leak, i will probable opt for a different product in the future.

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