DIY Fanny Pack: How to Make a Fanny Pack

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Is adventure calling your name? Answer the call with a custom-made fanny pack! Our video tutorial will teach you how to make this fun, colorful bag. Best of all, this fanny pack is totally customizable. You choose the fabric, webbing and zipper colors you want so you can make a bag that fits your unique style! Let’s get started with this fun DIY bag project.

Our video tutorial will teach you how to make this Cordura fanny pack.

For our fanny pack, we chose three colors of Cordura® 1000D high-performance bag fabric. Cordura is a great choice for bags, duffles, hiking packs and more. It’s exceptionally abrasion resistant and has a high tear strength, so it’s tough enough for the most demanding environments. Plus, it’s highly water resistant, so it’s great for bags that will see a lot of outdoor use. We wanted a bright and colorful sling bag, so we used three colors of Cordura. If you want a solid color bag, you only need to order one yard of Cordura. If you use three colors of Cordura as we did, you can create up to eight fanny packs as long as you nest your panels closely when tracing the patterns.

Here are some of the unique features of our fanny pack design:

  • Two zippered openings allow for maximum storage and easy access.
  • A woven bungee system on the front securely holds bulkier items.
  • Webbing loops on each side let you keep essential items close at hand.
  • The webbing strap is long enough so that you can wear it around your waist, over your shoulder or across your torso.

Watch the video below to learn how to make your own fanny pack. It’s easy with our step-by-step tutorial plus free downloadable pattern template! Below the video, you’ll find the template download button as well as the full list of materials needed to make the fanny pack. Make sure your printer settings are set to print to scale at 100% or the templates will not be full size.

Download the Free Template

Materials & Tools List:

  • 1 yard of each color of main fabric (we used Cordura® 1000D)
  • 1 yard of soft fabric for backing and structure (we used Softouch®)
  • 5 feet 1" Black Polyester Webbing (#100PLLWBK-FT)
  • 8 feet 3/4" Black Polyester Grosgrain Webbing (#75PLGGBK-FT)
  • 3 feet 1/8" Shock Bungee Cord Black (#104327)
  • 2 feet Lenzip® #5 Black Continuous Coil Zipper Chain (#124596)
  • 2 Lenzip® #5 Black Style C Single Non-Locking Metal Zipper Pulls (Coil Chain) (#124602)
  • 2 Slim Zipper Pull Tabs Black (#122369)
  • 1 YKK® Side Release Heavy Duty Buckle Black 1" (#104322)
  • 1 3/16" Black Double Barrel Lock Cord Closure (#121615)
  • Sailrite® Edge Cordless Hotknife (#122177)
  • Sailrite® Tempered Cutting Glass (#121915)
  • Marking Pencil
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LS Walking Foot Sewing Machine (#300500)
  • Bag Making Package for Ultrafeed® LS (#124183)
  • Speed Reduction Upgrade With Manual Operation for Ultrafeed® LS & LSZ (#123372)

We hope you enjoyed this bag-making video tutorial! Where will you take your fanny pack? Let us know in the comments below. They’re not just for outdoor adventurers. The small size makes this a great everyday carry bag too. And if you’d like to see more bag projects, comment with your ideas and requests. We’re always eager to hear what projects our customers want to see us make.

How will you wear your Cordura sling bag?