How to Make a Moisture Prevention Storage Liner

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Moisture pooling at the bottom of storage containers and lockers could lead to mold and mildew growth. Protect your stored items by adding a liner that promotes airflow and prevents moisture buildup so your items dry quickly. In this quick, no-sew project video, we'll show you how to measure and cut a custom-size moisture prevention liner for your storage compartments.

We're using Moisture Prevention Underliner to create a storage liner. Our storage liner is going on a boat, but you can use this material and this tutorial anywhere you need to protect items in a storage compartment from moisture — in an RV, camper or tent. You can even use this material as a liner for your kitchen cabinets when putting away dishes that aren't completely dry.

Moisture Prevention Underliner is a 3/8-inch-thick, strong and flexible mesh material. You can use it in storage compartments of any size or shape. This simple project requires just a few supplies and no sewing, making it a quick and easy project that anyone can tackle no matter your experience level with DIY. All you need is a sheet of Moisture Prevention Underliner (#121766), some Dura-Skrim® Patterning Material (#103134), a marking tool and fabric scissors.

After using the patterning material to pattern the exact shape of your container for a custom fit, you'll transfer the pattern to the underliner fabric and then cut out the shape. Here's a tip: After cutting out your liner shape, you need to shake the Moisture Prevention Underliner material in order to remove the loose fibers from the cut edges. The material is thick, so a good pair of fabric scissors will go a long way in achieving clean, sharp cut edges.

Watch the video below and follow along with our easy no-sew DIY tutorial:

Moisture Prevention Underliner Fabric has a variety of extremely useful applications. You can use it underneath cushions in your boat cabin or RV to prevent condensation and the growth of mold or mildew, and to promote consistent airflow. Can you think of other uses for this unique material? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

  • Patterning Storage Compartment — 0:25 min.
  • Cutting Moisture Prevention Fabric — 2:20 min.
  • Installing Moisture Prevention Mat — 4:51 min.
  • Materials & Tools — 5:16 min.
  • Dura‑Skrim® Patterning Material 74" (#103134)
  • Moisture Prevention Underliner 60" x 90" (#121766)
  • Grease Marking Pencil White (#101026)
  • Gingher® 8" Scissors Right Handed (#19104)